The ANA Board of Governors is elected every two years by the members of the American Numismatic Association. The members vote on seven governors, a vice president, and a president. This section includes the ANA Bylaws, past minutes and agendas, and other important documents designed to make the day-to-day business of the ANA more transparent. 

President Walter A. Ostromecki Jr.
(818) 317-6966
Governor Gary Adkins (952) 835-2244
Governor Greg Lyon (314) 495-5760
Governor Scott T. Rottinghaus (860) 441-5235
Governor Jeff Swindling (401) 770-3961
YN Intern Hannah Powell
General counsel Hollie Wieland (970) 945-2261
Treasurer Gerome Walton
Parliamentarian Mark Lighterman (407) 688-7006
Assistant Treasurer Ken Hallenbeck
Assistant Treasurer Terry Carver
Assistant Treasurer Scott Loos
Vice President Jeff C. Garrett (859) 276-1551
Governor Mike Ellis (512) 944-4784
Governor Ralph Ross
Governor Laura Sperber
Past President Tom Hallenbeck (719) 634-3313
Executive Director Kim Kiick (719) 482-9840
Secretary Sandy Pearl (561) 625-1064
Historian David Sklow
National Coordinator of Club & District Rep. Program Sandy Hill (719) 237-4389
Assistant Treasurer Steve D'Ippolito
National Exhibit Coordinator Mark Lighterman (407) 688-7006
Chief Judge Joseph E. Boling