Bring your class to the Money Museum  and we'll take care of the bill.


We're talking FREE admission for students, teachers and chaperones, plus the Money Museum will reimburse the school district for school bus rental fees following your field trip.


That's right, we'll pay the expenditures for each school to bring one bus full of students for a fun-filled trip to learn about art, history, science and numismatics at the Money Museum.  


Students who come to the Money Museum can learn:


  • How coins were made before modern times
  • What items have been used as money
  • Why the first coins were made more than 2,000 years ago
  • Why a coin can be worth millions of dollars

And much more.


Claim your ticket for the Money Bus

To enroll, contact ANA Numismatic Educator Rod Gillis at 482-9845, email gillis@money.org, or fill out the Money Bus registration form.