VISION:  To be the most respected, influential and beneficial numismatic association focused on education, fellowship, service and fun!


MISSION:  To encourage and educate others about the world of money in its many forms.


PHILOSOPHICAL STATEMENT:  The ANA board and management MUST recognize and respect that the organization is owned by the members.  We both MUST serve, first and foremost, as the membership conduit by establishing beneficial policies and guidelines and by demonstrating sound, prudent fiscal stewardship of the Association’s financial resources.  The Board has the responsibility to oversee the implementation of those guidelines to the benefit of the membership, and in turn, the Association.


CORE VALUES:  Education, Service, Community, Leadership, History.


THEME:  A New Approach − continuing a legacy of numismatic education and fellowship.  We aspire to be the premier go-to Association for all things numismatic!




Enhance educational resources

Exceptional membership service

Ensure sustainability

ObjectiveDepartments & Committees InvolvedStrategy/OwnerMeasure of successAction Plan/OwnerComplete By





New Website-Kim Kiick, Jake Sherlock, Ann Rahn, President Ostromecki and the IT-Website Committee


Educational outreach- Kim Kiick, Rod Gillis, Susan McMillan, Doug Mudd, Andy Dickes, et al
Establish the ANA as the premier go-to source for numismatics. 

Increase website traffic after launch

Increase membership & hobby awareness

Provide more educational resources to members; advance the use of and appreciation of The Numismatist.

Increase utilization of assets

Increase ANA visibility, class attendance and PR. 
Develop Saturday show educational template
1. Website redesign- Kim Kiick, Jake Sherlock, Ann Rahn with IT Committee, et al.
2. Riser Website on-going Developer.
3. Museum virtual tours/Museum collection- Doug Mudd & Rob Kelley
4. New content and educational activities- Rod Gillis & Sam Gelberd
5. Digitize all back issues of The Numismatist- Barbara Gregory 
1. Update Diploma courses and move to an on-line option- Rod Gillis
2. Revise older educational programs to meet 'common core' standards for financial literacy - Rod Gillis
3. Develop educational programs geared for non-numismatic groups (estate planning, pawn brokers, geocaching, etc,,) - Rod Gillis & Susan McMillan
4. Development of a syndicated column for web news outlets- Rod Gillis.
5. Estate Planning brochure; reprint "Cash in Your Coins" by Beth Deisher - Barbara Gregory
August 2014

January 2015



December 2014

In Development

In Development

In Development
EXCEPTIONAL MEMBERSHIP SERVICEAll ANA Staff Departments, Committees and BoardConsumer & Hobby Protection- Walt Ostromecki & ICTA
Understand members' needs and expectations- Kim Kiick & Cary Hardy
New Association management system-Kim Kiick & Cary Hardy
Favorable legislation
Improve customer satisfaction

Membership retention growth 

Employ use of Rep Program to assist with and get feedback from member clubs/individuals
Involvement in state and national legislation- Barry Stuppler/Diane Piret 

1. Understand and repair lapsed member relationships- Cary Hardy, Staff, Sandy Hill and Board
2. Offer auction houses a set of number of gift subscriptions to The Numismatist as draws for new membership- Cary Hardy 






Strategic Committee

Budget & Finance

Investment Sub Committee

Fundraising Committee
Club outreach- Tiffanie Bueschel

National Rep Cord. Sandy Hill and MinkMark editor Eric Holcomb
Fund development programs - Kim Kiick, President Ostromecki, VP Jeff Garrett and BOG

ANA Merchandise development & sales- all levels
Increase educational resources and benefits available to member clubs

Recruit new members from clubs through Rep Program and other means
Increase revenue through Silent Auction, Sponsorships, Outside major donations, long-term gift planning, new non-numismatic sources, etc.,
1. Implement donor recognition process- Kim Kiick
2. Hire fund raiser in 2014- Kim Kiick
1. Raise cost of Diploma Program
2. Numismatic posters, lesson & games sales
3. Museum photography
4. ANA advertising website and e-newsletter 6 times a year

On Hold per 2014-15 budget November 2014 (pending Board approval) 


September 2014 Ongoing


May 2014 was 1st issue
(Adopted by the ANA Board of Governors on August 9, 2014)