04 Mar 2021


Odd & Curious Money | PastorK7354


04 Mar 2021

W quarters and my continual success in locating them

Coins-United States | CoinHunter

Hi guys, and welcome to another blog!As some of you guys know, I have been doing pretty good finding W quarters, or at least better than most. In this blog, I would like to inform you guys of the amazing finds I had yesterday. Well, I had better start from the beginning, a couple of weeks ago, I convinced my dad to take me to the bank. So, when we got there, I asked if they had any half dollars or dollar coins, and the answer was no, so I asked if I could get some boxes of coins like pennies and nickels, they told me that they could do one nickel box and that they had a lot of pennies, so I asked for four boxes of pennies, and that is exactly what they gave me. Normally, I would have had the coins hunted pronto, but I received received the book "Strike It Rich With Pocket Change" in the mail just after I had hunted the nickel box and the first penny box, so it took a lot longer to finish the other three boxes then it would normally because I was looking for every Lincoln Cent variety in it, and I have to say there are a lot to look for (over 50). So, in the end, once I had hunted all of the coins, I had and still have over three boxes of rolled pennies, and a box of rolled nickels, along with some quarters and dollars that I had picked up from my credit union. I informed my mom that I needed to go to the credit union so I could turn in some of the coins (and get some more :), I almost never come back from a credit union/bank empty handed). My mom told me that she could swing me by the credit union, but we had to make it fast (I had a piano lesson very soon). So I decided to only turn in the dollar coins and quarters to make it faster, I also asked what coins the teller had in her drawer and I got what she had: 8 rolls of quarters, a roll of nickels (this roll was marked, meaning I have hunted it before, so I just doubled checked it and re-rolled it), 41 rolls of pennies (the tellers almost never have this many rolls), and two dime rolls. After I was finished getting my coins, my mom got some cash and $3 in quarters. I asked her if I could look at the quarters quick and she handed them to me, to my surprise and delight, there was TWO Salt River Bay W Quarters in there! Unfortunately, this was on the way to piano lessons, so I couldn't ask the teller is she had any more, who knows, she might of had a ton more of them! When I got home I hunted the quarters and found a 2019 W AMP, making it my best W day ever, I got 3 of them in one day! Now I have found 8. So, my advice for those of you out there that are really wanting to find a W quarter, is to get coins from a credit union. Thanks for reading this blog, enjoy the pics (the first one is Ws I have found previously, and the second one is a pic of the Ws I found yesterday), and have a great, day!

04 Mar 2021

Die Varieties and Variation of the Large Cent

Coins | CopperCollector

Before I start I would like to give a define Varieties vs. Variation. Varieties almost always come from the hand engraved dyes you know like a engraver makes one die and then the next one the letter U is slightly bent. A Variation would be if the engraver didn't quite like how the coin was coming out so he made a change. Another reason could be that the mint had gotten a new engraver mid way through coinage. Both ways have affected coinage like the 1794 large cents I have two pictures of the varieties, the designer must have never been happy with his design.So with that knowledge I will first talk about the Varieties. Varieties are a more advanced way to collect large cents. With over 1200 different known it makes sense that nobody has ever completed a collection. The way that the large cent varieties are ranked on rarity is like this:1-2 the most common varieties of the most common years3-4 more common years but rarer varieties5-7 scarcer years and scarcer varieties8-10 very scare years and very scarce varieties10-12 rare years and rare varieties13-14 very rare years and very rare varieties15 only one to three specimens known to existA very useful guide the large cent varieties is the book I have been reading United States Coins 1793-1857. So now that you know how the rarity scale works we will jump in to how to identify your varieties. Many large cent Numismatists have to use a magnifying glass to see all the little items that make up the varieties. Most commonly used for reference on the obverse is the dates position to the bust, on later issues the angle of the coronet to the 5th & 6th stars, the stars are also used in finding the position of letters on the reverse. Which brings us to the reverse to further your surety of the type the reverse is used. Things like how many berries, what direction the leaf is pointing, and as I said earlier the letters position to the stars, finally the lines and dots in between the word CENTS. Tools that large cent die varieties hunters use are: a piece of paper but I have heard of people using a metal wire, a magnifying glass, and most important a light source. That is a quick overview of the Varieties of the large cent.Now I will talk about the as I call them Variations of the Large Cent. As is said in the first paragraph the variations were caused by the engraver not being satisfied with the coin or the mint hiring a new engraver. Most of these variations can be found in the red book. 1793 the sprig of leaves changes 2-3 times creating the rare strawberry leaf large cent. 1794 had an amazing amount of varieties the red book lists 13 different types. To name a few there is the Beaded Border, my personal favorite the Jefferson Head, and the head of 1793, 1794, and 1795. Fast forwarding to 1807 there is the "comet variety" which there appears to be a comet streaking behind lady liberty's head. Other variations exist like the unicorn where lady liberty has got a spike coming of of her head, the snail or dolphin large cent where liberty has a bump above her head. All these coins could be a fun collection it would be pricy if you included all of the variations of the 1794 cent but you don't have to do that. Here are the basic facts I hoped you learned the rarity scale the varieties are different dies engraved and variation were are designers fixing the coin up mid way through the coinage.

04 Mar 2021

Coin Collection for Beginners By Daniel Jewett - Book Review

Library | user_56553

The book talks about the history of coin collection, and why people have been doing it. It has suggestions on the types of coins one can collect and has tips to improve the coin collection practice. There is a section on learning about the numismatic terms and how to handle, keep and take care of our collection safely. There are tips on where and how to find coins and how to catalogue the coin collection, stamps, tokens, and paper money. Collect anything that’s part of history.

04 Mar 2021

One Year of Fodder- Thank You

Exonumia | coinfodder

Hey everyone. 7:30 AM on the East Coast, from the usual place, I remembered that a year ago, I wrote my first blog on coins, and all things coins. It was about the Mega Red Book of Coins, and I got some stuff from y'all, including a Mike who thought I had blocked him (still, I say, no I did not). Well, me or you guys couldn't of seen what happened next. A series of blogs, running through the United States, that actually reaches the half-way point (well, 22 out 50 is close). A long set of articles of me throwing pot-shots at the mint director. And most importantly, I found a footing in this great hobby. This needs to be thanked. First, Mike (B), who gave me the encouragement to keep writing these. John (longstrider), Charlie (sly), and Mokie for occasional bombs in the message section. Fellow YN Preston (numismaster) for bombing me in the message box, 7:00 PM at night, telling me to answer something, which helped me learn more about the hobby. Overall, though, this section is dedicated to three people; you, my family for dealing with this, and God himself. Only he knows the true reason I do this.I have changed my avatar, but you will still see the smiling face of Patton on it. It says "Coinfodder: One Year of Blogs". I can't stress it enough, this is because of you.On a side note, note the Godfather Reference in my last post.

03 Mar 2021

BOOK REVIEW- Cash in Your Coins, 3rd Edition, by Beth Deisher

ANA Library | coinfodder

Vito Corleone (don’t blame me) is a collector of coins. He is preparing his will and plans to give his son, Michael, his coin collection when he dies. Well, the day comes after Corleone is placed 6 feet under and his son is given finally given his collection after a long bit of haggling with the probate court (which I tell you, is a complete mess). Problem is that Michael knows nothing about coins. The mafia don has no reason to keep them, but he wants to learn about them so he can get the best price on his coins…

02 Mar 2021


| TheNumisMaster

Well, a new issue of the Errorscope was just published by CONECA and is available online. This was a great issue, and there were even a few articles about new varieties that have been discovered! Both me and CoinHunter both had articles in this publication, and they are conveniently right next to each other. Go check that out! It was a great issue, and I learned a lot. YNs, you get a free year of a CONECA membership, and they will send you a free coin once you are in! Follow these steps:To redeem your free membership, emailyn@conecaonline.org.Be sure to include your name, email address, ANA membership number, and mention the code CONECAYN#16 in the email body or subject line. And be sure to let them know that I (Preston Thomas) recommended that you join. It really is a wonderful club! Make sure to look at everything your ANA membership includes, and take advantage of every bit! YNs, this also means a free year of an NGC membership! Anyway, my ankle is killing me (as I had an awful injury yesterday) so I will leave it at that! (Yes, these have nothing to do with each other, but this is my weak excuse to not be crucified for a short blog). Have a great day (; -NM

02 Mar 2021

Happy Birthday!

| Eriknation

Hello numismatists today is Dr.Seuss's Birthday! And it is also read across america week so I'm starting to read my red book a lot. I'm going to share about the 1804 Dollar coin which was featured in one of his cat in the hat book. The 1804 dollar is known as the Queen of All coins. Some of the coins can be worth up to 100,000 dollars! It is a 1804 Draped Bust bowed liberty dollar. They were first madefor use in special proof coin sets used as diplomatic gifts during Edmund Roberts' trips to Siam and Muscat.Currently there are only 15 known specimens. So if you find one you were probably blessed by Dr.Seuss or lady liberty herself.

02 Mar 2021

Inventory software or App

Coins | user_82504

I’ve been accumulating coins for the past 15 years 90% of them being precious metal types. Now I’m becoming a more serious collector and would like to inventory my collection by inputting them into a software program or App that can record my cost, the coins specifics, and current value based solely on melt value of the base metal. Does anyone know of a software program or app that can do these things? Of course I would like to input more information but this gives you an idea of the basics. Thank you for any help or guidance that can be provided


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