ana board of governors

The ANA Board of Governors is elected every two years by the members of the American Numismatic Association. The members vote on seven governors, a vice president, and a president. This section includes the ANA Bylaws, past minutes and agendas, and other important documents designed to make the day-to-day business of the ANA more transparent.

President Gary Adkins (952) 835-2244
Vice President Donald Kagin (415) 435-2601
Governor Steve Ellsworth (703) 932-6331
Governor Brian Hendelson (908) 725-5600
Governor John. W Highfill (918) 254-8931
Governor Greg Lyon (314) 495-5760
Governor Paul Montgomery (405) 254-6877
Governor Ralph Ross (713) 829-8022
Governor Thomas J. Uram (412) 418-0783
Past President Jeff C. Garrett (859) 276-1551
Executive Director Kim Kiick (719) 482-9840
General Counsel Hollie Wieland (719) 471-1984
Treasurer Larry Baber
Secretary Sandy Pearl (561) 625-1064
Parliamentarian Mark Lighterman (407) 688-7006
Assistant Treasurer Terry Carver
Assistant Treasurer Ken Hallenbeck
Assistant Treasurer Gerome Walton
Historian Q. David Bowers
Richard Jozefiak National Coordinator
Chief Judge Joesph Boling
National Exhibit Coordinator Mark Lighterman (407) 688-7006