young coin collectors

young numismatists

Young Numismatists are collectors ages 5 to 17. Collect coins, learn about numismatic things, participate in auctions and make friends with the YN program.

Learn more about joining the American Numismatic Association and all the benefits members receive here. Young Numismatists receive a special membership rate!

Participate in the Monthly YN Auctions

The auctions are held online between the 1st and 15th of every month. Bids must be submitted by the 15th of each month.


Become a numismatic journalist!

Young Numismatists can share their experience and research through Your Newsletter, the blog and monthly e-newsletter written for and by Young Numismatists. 

The Dollar Project

Welcome to The Dollar Project, a way for our youngest numismatists to learn important why coin collecting is such an interesting hobby.


YN College Scholarship

This $1000 scholarship can be used for tuition, books, or supplies directly related to class requirements. Two scholarships are awarded annually.


Ancient Coin Project

Young collectors can earn quality ancient coins by writing articles or school reports, doing a presentation for school or Scouts, exhibiting, or doing other interesting (and fun!) projects.

YN Dollars

Find out how Young Numismatists can earn money to be used in our monthly YN auctions.


EAC Coin Project

Participation in the Early American Copper Coin Project allows ANA members age 17 and younger to earn awards such as early American large coins, reference books, supplies and more.


Money 'Musements

 Learn about numismatics through fun interactive games,  downloadable activities and quizzes for all levels.

Summer Seminar

Summer Seminar is a once-a-year opportunity for numismatic learning and camaraderie that offers students a varied selection of week-long courses .


Coins for A's

Earn 3 or more A's in school and we'll send you a coin and a FREE initial 1 year digital membership to the American Numismatic Association.


Treasure Trivia

Families who attend the ANA World's Fair of Money, or the ANA National Money Show answer questions while visiting "stops" on the bourse to qualify for treasure prizes.