Money Museum Field Trips

Bring your class to the Money Museum for a priceless experience!

The Money Museum extends complimentary admission for students, teachers and chaperones on all registered field trips. A knowledgeable docent will guide your class through a fun-filled tour as students learn about art, history, science and economics. Engaging questions, hands-on learning and a coin minting demonstration bring money to life!


Bring your class to the Money Museum — it just makes cents!

At the Money Museum, students will enjoy a guided tour through our History of Money exhibit, learn how America’s first coins were made with a Mini-Mint demonstration, and examine some of the world’s most valuable coins! Money allows your class to explore art, history, science, and economics. Even better? We tailor the tour to you and your students! Come cheque us out to learn:

  • How ancient coins were made
  • What items have been used as money throughout history
  • Why the first coins were invented over 2,000 years ago
  •  How a coin can be worth millions of dollars
  • And so much more

Plus, teachers will take home some lesson plans and worksheets to help bring the museum back to the classroom.

A Visit to the Money Museum… it’s priceless! 

*Money Museum Pricing Policy Updates

To enhance the visitor experience and ensure each tour is both educational and tailored to a group’s unique needs, the Money Museum is updating its pricing policies, effective June 1, 2024.

School Tour Docent Fee, Admission Still Free!

In response to the growing demand, school tours will incur a $25 docent fee for up to 25 students. Groups of more than 25 will require an additional docent for $15. These fees support the training and recruitment of our dedicated docents to ensure a memorable experience. Please note: advance booking is mandatory for all educational groups.

We understand the importance of educational visits and are committed to keeping costs down. Therefore, the only charge for school groups will be the docent fee. Admission for all students and chaperones will remain free. Our goal is to provide an enriching experience for students, teachers, and assistants alike.

Enhancing your Experience

To ensure a personalized and engaging tour, one decent will work with a group of up to 25 individuals, including students and chaperones. For larger groups of up to 50, we’ll assign two docents to cater to your needs effectively.

The nominal fee allows us to tailor our tours to the specific needs of your group. Additionally, we’ll provide teacher packets with curriculum information and take-home worksheets for students, enhancing the educational value of your visit.

Register your class for a field trip using the button below, email or call (719) 482-9814. 

become a curator money museum

Upper Elementary Grade Lesson

Curators are responsible for collecting objects for their museum and then placing the pieces on display. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, there is much more involved, as you will soon see!
You are going to assume the role of a museum curator by completing three activities that are involved with your trip to the Money Museum.
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