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The Numismatist

The Numismatist—the official publication of the American Numismatic Association—focuses on the fun, the history, and the allure of coin collecting. This beautifully illustrated monthly magazine is packed full of articles and features written by leading numismatic experts covering all facets of the hobby, from coins and tokens to medals and paper money … plus hobby news from across the globe.

Plus, The Numismatist , in collaboration with The Coin Dealer Newsletterprovides ANA members a retail pricing tool for collectable U.S. and Early American coinage. Each supplement offers up-to- date values on a variety of coin types and denominations on a monthly rotation.

Numismatic History at Your Fingertips

ANA members have free digital access to over 130 volumes of The Numismatist, from 1888 to the present. The online editions look exactly like the printed originals, allowing you to experience The Numismatist in its historical context. Each archived page can be downloaded and printed, as well as bookmarked, cited and referenced by registered users.

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