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Explore the many resources available from the ANA, including coin collecting tools, educational opportunities including online webinars and Summer Seminar, numismatic events, and coin shows like the ANA’s annual World’s Fair of Money® and National Money Show®.

The Money Museum

Through the discovery of money, America’s largest museum dedicated to numismatics brings culture to life. Find general information, explore virtual exhibits, and take a VR tour of the museum.

The Numismatist

The Numismatist—the official publication of the American Numismatic Association—focuses on the fun, the history, and the allure of coin collecting. This beautifully illustrated monthly magazine is packed full of articles and features written by leading numismatic experts covering all facets of the hobby.

Coin Collecting Events & Learning Opportunities

Learn about ANA hosted numismatic events like the annual World’s Fair of Money, sharpen your coin collecting skills by attending a workshop, and discover opportunities to further your numismatic education with our technical seminars, live webinars and online degree program.

Online Learning

Enjoy online courses and lectures from fellow collectors and professional numismatists, or participate in the ANA’s Numismatic Diploma Program, providing individuals the opportunity to obtain a “Numismatic Scholar” certificate by completing a series of correspondence courses, hands-on seminars or a combination of the two.

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Explore. Study. Connect. Expand your numismatic knowledge with free webinars presented by top industry experts.

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Numismatic Diploma Program

Students embark on an exciting and rewarding journey while acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to appreciate and enjoy the hobby.

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Young Numismatists

Join the world’s largest coin club. Earn real coins for participating in fun educational activities, learn about numismatics, and make new friends when you join the ANA’s Young Numismatist (YN) program.

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Coin Collecting Tools & Resources

Explore numismatic resources and tools for coin collectors of all levels, including the ANA’s educational Video Vignettes series, numismatic reference lists, consumer awareness information, tools for teachers, our Morgan dollar grading set and more!

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Find Coin Buyers, Sellers & Appraisers

Find coin dealers across the street and across the country! Explore our searchable database of thousands of ANA Member Dealers. Locate dealers by keyword, numismatic specialty, location, business name and more.

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Coin Club Directory

Are you interested in discovering and exploring the world of money with other people who share your interests? Join a coin club! There are more than 300 ANA member coin clubs in the United States and other countries. The club directory can help you find a club based on your location and/or collecting interests.

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Numismatic Lending Library

ANA members can conveniently access the world’s largest numismatic lending library, and its more than 128,000 books, auction catalogs, periodicals, videos and DVDs.

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Digital Content Library

The ANA offers an abundance of digital content and online programs to keep you informed, entertained and connected.

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Two Bits Podcast

Enjoy Two Bits, the American Numismatic Association’s podcast about the wonderful world of coins and currency.

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ANA Coin Press Featured Post

St. Nicholas Bank Notes | The Christmas Truce

November 28 | American Numismatic Association

The Christmas Truce
As Christmas 1914 approached, it was becoming clear to many soldiers that the war was not going to end soon. American newspapers, taking a neutral stance, suggested that the combatants should observe a “Christmas truce”

St. Nicholas Bank Notes
As busy as he is during the holiday season, how did Santa Claus ever find time to pose for a series of bank notes in 19th century America? In the mid-1800s, the Saint Nicholas Bank in New York City released its own paper money bearing engraved images of Santa Claus delivering toys and sweets to good girls and boys.

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Edward C. Rochette Money Museum

The museum includes exhibits in three main galleries, where visitors can find spectacular rarities and learn about the history of our nation and the world as seen through money.

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The Numismatist

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When you become a member of the ANA you’ll receive a subscription to The Numismatist as well as access to over 130 years of digital archives and online editions.

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ANA members can access every issue of the magazine, from 1888 to the present. (Members Only)

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