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[The President shall] appoint all committees, designate the persons who shall chair the committees, determine the duties and scope of the committees, and remove any committee chairperson or member, with the exception of the Audit Committee, which shall be reserved to the Board of Governors.

The Audit Committee shall audit such reports and accounts as may be referred to it and report thereon to the Board of Governors and the Executive Director. The Board of Governors may retain the services of a Certified Public Accountant or firm of public accountants to audit the books of the Association [Bylaws: Article IX, Section 7].

The Audit Committee must review the annual financial statement with independent auditor’s report as well as the IRS form 990, prepared by an outside audit firm contracted by the Board. An audit report is required to be delivered to the membership in an open session Board meeting at the earliest opportunity.

The Audit Committee and its members are appointed by the Board of Governors [By-laws: Article IV, Section 4(h)].  

Audit Committee

Chair Clifford Mishler mishler@money.org
Member Ralph Ross ross@money.org
Member Mary Lynn Garrett mlgarrett@money.org
Member Greg Lyon lyon@money.org


Awards Committee

Chair Mike Ellis
Member Clifford Mishler mishler@money.org
Member Sandy Pearl
Member Barbara Gregory bgregory@money.org
Member Donna Nunez dnunez@money.org

Bylaws Committee

Chair TBA
Member Gary Lewis gelewis@aol.com
Member Doug Andrews doug@stormsasia.com
Member Hollie Wieland counsel@money.org
Member Donna Nunez dnunez@money.org



Conventions Committee

Chair Tom Uram uram@money.org
Member Muriel Eymery eymery@money.org
Member Mark Lighterman mlighter@bellsouth.net
Member Jennifer Ackerman ackerman@money.org
Member Doug Mudd dmudd@money.org
Member Sam Joseph sjoseph@money.org


March 21, 2016

The Development Committee will support fund development efforts and strategies in coordination with the Board and Executive Director for the benefit of the Association.

Development Committee

Chair Mary Lynn Garrett mlgarrett@money.org
Member Tom Hallenbeck tom@hallenbeckcg.com
Member Clifford Mishler mishler@money.org
Member Kim Kiick kkiick@money.org
Member Donna Frater dfrater@money.org

Education & YN

The Education & YN Committee is responsible for developing recommendations to increase the Association's educational outreach and programs for members and the public. It is also within scope for this committee to assist with programs involving Young Numismatists, including Boy and Girl Scout initiatives.

Education & YN Committee

Chair Brian Fanton bfanton63@yahoo.com
Member Mike Ellis ellis@money.org
Member Lisa Loos scottloos@msn.com
Member Walter Ostromecki drwaltomfl1@earthlink.net
Member Brianna Victor bvictor@money.org
Member Rod Gillis
Member Sam Gelberd


There shall be a standing Executive Committee which shall consist of the President, Vice President, Executive Director, Immediate Past President and General Counsel. The President may convene the Executive Committee on matters of importance as the President deems appropriate. 

The Executive Committee shall consider and review any matter designated by the President and make recommendations to the Board as to any issue which the Executive believes action should be implemented. The President may invite participants of such persons, Officers or Governors where their participation would assist in the discussion of the subject matter to be reviewed [Bylaws: Article IV, Section 6].

Executive Committee

Chair COL Steven Ellsworth, ret. (President) ellsworth@money.org
Member Ralph Ross (Vice President) ross@money.org
Member Kim Kiick (Executive Director) kkiick@money.org
Member Gary Adkins (Past President) adkins@money.org
Member Hollie Wieland (General Counsel) counsel@money.org

Finance & Budget

The Finance & Budget Committee has oversight of the Association's budgeting processes and financial performance. The Treasurer shall serve as a member [Bylaws: Article IX, Section 3(b)]. 

Finance & Budget Committee

Chair Larry Baber baber@money.org
Member Paul Montgomery paul@heartlandpreciousmetals.com
Member Shanna Schmidt schmidt@money.org
Member Muriel Eymery eymery@money.org
Member Carol Hull chull@money.org
Member Kim Kiick kkiick@money.org

Information Technology

Information Technology Committee

Chair TBA
Member Greg Lyon lyon@money.org
Member Cole Schenewerk coleschen@gmail.com
Member Paul Hybert prhybert@att.net
Member Cary Hardy chardy@money.org
Member Pete Gentzler


Marketing Committee

Chair Deb Muehleisen
Member Paul Montgomery paul@heartlandpreciousmetals.com
Member Rob Oberth
Member Max Spiegel
Member Amanda Miller amiller@money.org
Member Pete Gentzler

Membership Committee

Chair Muriel Eymery eymery@money.org
Member Richard Jozefiak analmrj@gmail.com
Member Robert Oberth robert@goldandcoinexchange.com
Member Cary Hardy chardy@money.org

Operations Committee

Chair Paul Montgomery paul@heartlandpreciousmetals.com
Member Kim Kiick kkiick@money.org

Outreach Committee

Chair Richard Jozefiak analmrj@gmail.com
Member Muriel Emery eymery@money.org
Member Robert Mellor rm3coins@gmail.com
Member Tiffanie Bueschel tbueschel@money.org

Publications Committee

Chair Barbara Gregory bgregory@money.org
Member Clifford Mishler mishler@money.org
Member Steve Roach roach.steve@gmail.com
Member Arlyn Sieber agsieber@gmail.com
Member Roger Boye r-boye@northwestern.edu
Member Caleb Noel


The Resolutions Committee reports to and reads before the Board all resolutions relative to commending any individual, club, convention committee, or other numismatic group as part of the official record at both the National Money Show and the World's Fair of Money. The committee may also read into the record any special citations it deems of merit. The Board must move and vote to adopt all resolutions put before it in order for them to become official and binding.

Resolutions Committee

John & Nancy Wilson, Co-chairs johnancyw@aol.com
Charles J. Opitz, Member opitzc@aol.com
Barbara Gregory, Staff Liaison bgregory@money.org
Ralph Ross, Board Liaison ross@money.org

Security & Loss Prevention

Security & Loss Prevention Committee

Chair Doug Davis doug@numismaticcrimes.org
Member Larry Baber baber@money.org
Member Jack Young jyoung5050@aol.com
Member Carol Hull chull@money.org
Member Doug Mudd dmudd@money.org
Member David Sklow dsklow@money.org
Strategic Plans

Strategic Plans

Chair Gary Adkins
Member Steven Ellsworth
Member Kim Kiick
Member Donna Nunez
Advisor Roger Siboni

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