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The Board of Governors has approved the following committees and committee members for the 2015-2017 term.


[The President shall] appoint all committees, designate the persons who shall chair the committees, determine the duties and scope of the committees, and remove any committee chairperson or member, with the exception of the Audit Committee, which shall be reserved to the Board of Governors.

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee shall audit such reports and accounts as may be referred to it and report thereon to the Board of Governors and the Executive Director. The Board of Governors may retain the services of a Certified Public Accountant or firm of public accountants to audit the books of the Association [Bylaws: Article IX, Section 7].

The Audit Committee must review the annual financial statement with independent auditor’s report as well as the IRS form 990, prepared by an outside audit firm contracted by the Board. An audit report is required to be delivered to the membership in an open session Board meeting at the earliest opportunity.

The Audit Committee and its members are appointed by the Board of Governors [By-laws: Article IV, Section 4(h)]. The Treasurer shall serve as a member [Bylaws: Article IX, Section 3(b)].

Greg Lyon, Chair lyon@money.org
Larry Baber, Treasurer baber@money.org
Gary Adkins, Member adkins@money.org
Ron Guth, Member ron@germancoins.com
Wendell Wolka, Member purduenut@aol.com


There shall be a standing Executive Committee which shall consist of the President, Vice President, Executive Director, Immediate Past President and General Counsel. The President may convene the Executive Committee on matters of importance as the President deems appropriate. The Executive Committee shall consider and review any matter designated by the President and make recommendations to the Board as to any issue which the Executive believes action should be implemented. The President may invite participants of such persons, Officers or Governors where their participation would assist in the discussion of the subject matter to be reviewed [Bylaws: Article IV, Section 6].

Jeff Garrett, President                                           garrett@money.org                 

Gary Adkins, Vice President                                 adkins@money.org

Kim Kiick, Executive Director                                              kiick@money.org                                                           

Tom Hallenbeck, Immediate Past President               govtom@msn.com

Hollie Wieland, General Counsel                                      counsel@money.org

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Budget & Finance
The Budget & Finance Committee has oversight of the Association's budgeting processes and financial performance. The Treasurer shall serve as a member [Bylaws: Article IX, Section 3(b)].
Greg Lyon, Chair lyon@money.org
Larry Baber, Treasurer baber@money.org
Patrick Heller,  Member path@libertycoinservice.com
Kim Kiick, Member kiick@money.org
Larry Michelson, Member lfm@larrym.com
Clifford Mishler, Member mish@EclecticPursuitsIola.com
Scott Rottinghaus, Member scottrottinghaus@hotmail.com
Carol Shuman, Staff Liaison shuman@money.org
Steve Ellsworth, Board Liaison ellsworth@money.org

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Consumer Affairs
The Consumer Affairs Committee informs the Board on consumer protection issues faced by the numismatic collecting community.

Barry Stuppler, Chair   barry@stuppler.com
Kim Kiick, Member kiick@money.org
Doug Mudd, Member mudd@money.org
Donna Nunez, Member nunez@money.org
Paul Montgomery, Board Liaison pmontgomery@money.org
Doug Davis, Member doug@numismaticcrimes.org

Dealer Relations
The Dealer Relations Committee provides the Association feedback and recommendations with regard to issues relevant to the dealer community.

Charmy Harker, Chair  charmy@thepennylady.com
John Brush, Member john.brush@davidlawrence.com
Mark Feld, Member mfeld@ha.com
Christine Karstedt, Member CKarsted@stacksBowers.com
Julian Leidman, Member jmlbc@comcast.net
Scott Loos, Member scottloos@msn.com
Peter Treglia, Member ptreglia@stacksbowers.com
Rhonda Scurek, Staff Liaison scurek@money.org
Gary Adkins, Board Liaison adkins@money.org

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    Education & Young Numismatists (YN)
    The Education & YN Committee is responsible for developing recommendations to increase the Association's educational outreach and programs for members and the public. It is also responsible for the oversight of activities and programs involving Young Numismatists, including Boy and Girl Scout initiatives.

    Brian Fanton, Chair bescoins@yahoo.com
    Mike Ellis, Member mikeellis2001@yahoo.com
    Sam Ernst, Member notlogical@q.com
    Kathy Freeland, Member kafdaf@sbcglobal.net
    Jeff Garrett, Member garrett@money.org
    Sam Gelberd, Member sgelberd@money.org
    Maxwell Gregory, Member gregorylex@money.org
    Brian Silliman, Member Brian@BSRareCoins.com
    Jeff Swindling, Member swindling@money.org
    Rod Gillis, Member gillis@money.org
    Susan McMillan, Staff Liaison mcmillan@money.org
    Walter Ostromecki, Board Liaison ostromecki@money.org


    The Investment Committee advises the Association's Board of Officers on wise investments strategies to ensure the financial stability of the organization and preserve its economic well-being in perpetuity.

    Steve Ivy, Chair steve@ha.com
    Kim Kiick, Member kiick@money.org
    Carol Shuman, Staff Liaison
    Greg Lyon, Board Liaison
    Larry Baber

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    Library & Publication
    The Library & Publications Committee provides feedback and recommendations on the policies of the Dwight N. Manley Library and the ANA publication, The Numismatist.

    W. David Perkins, Chair wdperki@attglobal.net
    Leonard Augsburger, Member leonard_augsburger@hotmail.com
    Joel Orosz, Member joeljorosz@gmail.com
    David Sklow, Staff Liaison dsklow@money.org
    Barbara Gregory, Staff Liaison bgregory@money.org
    Tom Mulvaney, Board Liaison mulvaney@money.org

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    The Resolutions Committee reports to and reads before the Board all resolutions relative to commending any individual, club, convention committee, or other numismatic group as part of the official record at both the National Money Show and the World's Fair of Money.  The Board must move and vote to adopt all resolutions put before it in order for them to become official and binding.

    John & Nancy Wilson, Co-chairs johnancyw@aol.com
    Charles J. Opitz, Member opitzc@aol.com
    Barbara Gregory, Staff Liaison bgregory@money.org
    Ralph Ross, Board Liaison ross@money.org

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    The Museum Committee provides feedback and recommendations on the policies of the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum.

    David Heinrich, Chair dheinrich@fuse.net
    Anne Bentley, Member abentley@masshist.org
    Clark Fogg, Member cfogg@beverlyhills.org
    Erik Goldstein, Member egoldstein@cwf.org
    John Kraljevich, Member jkamericana@gmail.com
    Scott Rottinghaus, Member scottrottinghaus@hotmail.com
    Doug Mudd, Staff Liaison mudd@money.org
    Don Kagin, Board Liaison don@kagins.com

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    Bylaws & Ethics
    The Bylaws & Ethics Committee monitors the revision and updating of the ANA Bylaws & Codes of Ethics. A draft of any proposed revision to the bylaws must be reviewed by legal counsel before going to the Bylaws & Ethics committee for review. The committee will then prepare a report of its recommendations for the Board’s consideration and for presentation to the membership. This committee can also be called upon to assist the Executive Director with updates to the ANA Policy Manual.

    Doug Andrews, Chair doug@stormsasia.com
    Hollie Wieland, General Counsel counsel@money.org
    Joe Boling, Member joeboling@aol.com
    Harold Katzman, Member haroldkatzman@yahoo.com
    Kim Kiick, Member kiick@money.org
    Clifford Mishler, Member mish@EclecticPursitsIola.com
    Donna Nunez, Member nunez@money.org
    Mary Sauvain, Member MarySauvain@gmail.com
    A. Ronald Sirna, Jr., Member rsirna@gmail.com
    Ann Rahn,  Staff Liaison rahn@money.org
    Gary Adkins, Board Liaison adkins@money.org

    The Convention Committee facilitates the work of the convention(s) under the direction of the Executive Director and/or Conventions Director [Bylaws: Article X, Section 2]. It serves to provide feedback and/or perceptions from the general public, membership, and local convention committees on the National Money Show and World's Fair of Money conventions.

    Larry Gaye, Chair lgaius.larry@gmail.com
    Danny Bisgaard, Member d.bisgaard@comcast.net
    Mary Counts Burleson, Member mary.burleson@whitman.com
    Gary Groll, Member gsgroll@gmail.com
    Mark Lighterman, Member mlighter@bellsouth.net
    Greg Ruby, Member  greg@gregrubyconsulting.com
    Rhonda Scurek, Staff Liaison   scurek@money.org
    Gary Adkins, Board Liaison  adkins@money.org

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    The Development Committee will manage fund development efforts and strategies in coordination with the Board, Executive Director and ANA Staff.

    Steve Ellsworth, Chair ellsworth@money.org
    Tom Hallenbeck, Membergovtom@msn.com
    Kim Kiick, Member kiick@money.org
    Susan McMillan, Member mcmillan@money.org
    Doug Mudd, Member mudd@money.org
    Carol Shuman, Member shuman@money.org
    Donna Frater, Staff Liaison frater@money.org
     Paul Montgomery, Board Liaison pmontgomery@money.org

    The Exhibits Committee oversees the Association's exhibitor program and provided recommendations for new award programs int he exhibit area, including the proposed type of recognition offered (medals, certificates, plaques, e.g.)

    Halbert Carmichael, Chair hhcarmichael@mindspring.com
    Joe Boling, Member joeboling@aol.com
    Steven D'Ippolito, Member sdippolito@cyberian.com
    Bryce Doxzon, Member bryce.f.doxzon.civ@mail.mil
    Eric Holcomb, Member eric@holcomb.com
    Brett Irick, Member  xr7gt@prodigy.net
    Simcha Kuritzky, Member simcha.kuritzky@cgifederal.com
    Mark Lighterman, Member mlighter@bellsouth.net
    Oded Paz, Member paz@sbcglobal.net
    Jennifer Croak, Staff Liaison jcroak@money.org
    Walter Ostromecki, Board Liaison  ostromecki@money.org

    Marketing & Social Media
    The Marketing & social Media Committee was created to explore new ways to expand membership in the ANA. It will develop strategies to promote the Association and develop engagement via Money.org and social media outlets as well as encourage attendance at the Association's educational events and conventions.

    Paul Montgomery, Chair pmontgomery@money.org
    Charles Daughtrey, Member cd@coppercoins.com
    Steve Ellsworth, Member ellsworth@money.org
    Deborah Muehleisen, Staff Liaison dmuehleisen@money.org
    Cary Hardy, Member hardy@money.org
    Kim Kiick, Member kiick@money.org
    Dave McCarty, Member Dave@heartlandpreciousmetals.com
    Morgan Perry, Member mperry@money.org
    Andrew Reiber, Member andrew.reiber@yahoo.com

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    The Money.org Committee is devoted to website development, security and privacy, and expanding numismatic content on Money.org, making the ANA a destination for numismatic education.

    Russell Augustin, Chair

    James Reinders, Chair

    Jeff Garrett, Member

    Sam Gelberd, Member

    Caleb Noel, Member

    Morgan Perry, Member

    Pete Gentzler, Member

    Scott Barman, Member

    Cary Hardy, Member

    Paul Hybert, Member

    Cole Schenewerk, Member

    Ann Rahn, Staff Liaison

    Doug Mudd, Staff Liaison













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