Numismatic Diploma Program

The American Numismatic Association offers individuals the opportunity to discover and explore the World of Money by enrolling in the School of Numismatics Diploma Program.


Numismatic Diploma Program

The program provides individuals the opportunity to obtain a “Numismatic Scholar” certificate by completing a series of correspondence courses, hands-on seminars or a combination of the two.

Students embark on an exciting and rewarding journey while acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to appreciate and enjoy the hobby. 

Featured Course: Grading U.S. Coins Today

Recently updated and enhanced with visually impressive color images, the course provides valuable information on the methodology behind third-party grading and the differences between technical and market grading.

The course, which features the updated “Grading U.S. Coins Today” along with the 7th edition of “The Official Grading Standards for United States Coins,” is available to ANA members for $50.95.

grading u.s. coins today book cover

Diploma Program Information

  • Correspondence Courses

    “Introduction To Numismatics”
    “Grading U.S. Coins Today”
    “Detecting Counterfeit & Altered U.S. Coins”
    “The Modern Minting Process”
    “U.S. Minting Errors & Varieties”
    “Grading Mint State U.S. Coins”

  • Classroom Courses

    In-class courses may be used as substitutions for required courses.

    “The Complete Numismatist” or “Adventures in Numismatics”
    “Introduction to Grading United States Coins”
    “Detecting Counterfeit & Altered U.S. Coins”
    “The Modern Minting Process and Errors & Varieties”
    “Intermediate Grading of United States Coins”
  • Student Mentors

    At any time during the program, students can request a mentor to help answer numismatic related questions they may have while completing the program.  All administrative questions, or inquiries about the tests, should be directed to the ANA Education Department.  Below is a listing of student mentors who volunteer their time and numismatic knowledge to this program.

    Gary Adkins Harlan Berk Joseph Boling
    Don Bonser Mike Ellis Arthur Fitts
    Bill Fivaz Ken Hallenbeck Tom Hallenbeck
    Mary Sauvain John Kraljevich Walt Ostromecki
    Frank Van Valen Brian Silliman Jeff Swindling
    Kerry Wetterstrom Debbie Williams
  • Requirements

    Requirements for the Diploma Program consist of registration, the completion of six correspondence courses and a 200-question, closed-book final exam. Students can opt to take correspondence courses, classroom courses or a combination of both to complete the program requirements. Students should be able to complete the program within two years. If more time is needed due to illness, military deployment, etc., please make arrangements with the Education Department. Each student has the option of being assigned a mentor to answer numismatic-related questions while enrolled in the program. The courses can be completed in any order that the student wishes. Any required course that the student may have already completed within two years prior to registering for the program will count toward completion of the program. Students must successfully pass all individual tests for each correspondence course before applying to take the final exam.

    All students are required to be ANA members to complete the entire Diploma Program.
    Please note that the ANA Numismatic Diploma Program is not accredited and does not make someone a professional numismatist, dealer, coin grader, appraiser, or anything similar. It does not “certify” anyone in any way as a dealer or professional coin grader, as no such certification exists. The ANA does not guarantee or provide assistance with job placement in a related field.
  • Program Costs

    All materials for the Diploma Program can be purchased separately as listed below, or as a complete package for only $499

    Diploma Program Registration Fee: $100.00

    Introduction to Numismatics correspondence course: $43.95

    Grading U.S. Coins Today
     correspondence course including ANA Grading Standards book: $50.95

    Detecting Counterfeit & Altered Coins course: $77.95

    The Modern Minting Process and Errors & Varieties
     correspondence courses: $54.95

    Grading Mint-State correspondence course: $57.95

    Diploma Program Final Examination Fee: $200.00

    Registration fee, final exam fee, 6 correspondence courses (5 course books + 1 ANA Grading Standards book + 4 online videos) and domestic shipping are included in the $499.00 special offer for this complete program package. (Overseas shipping fee will be added and is dependent upon destination.) Courses may be purchased separately and taken in any order.

    We are unable to provide any kind of financing or installment plans regarding payments; student loans and the G.I. Bill are also unavailable for use in our Numismatic Diploma Program.
  • Examination Process

    The final exam consists of an extensive 200-question test covering information from all of the correspondence courses. This exam is to be administered by a proctor in any school, local library, at any ANA Convention, or at the ANA in Colorado Springs.

    If a student fails the final exam after two attempts, he/she will be withdrawn from the program and not be readmitted for one year.

  • Registration

    To register for the program, please call (719) 482-9829 or email

  • More Information

    For more information or to order the program, please call (719) 482-9829 or email