Numismatic Diploma Program

The program provides American Numismatic Association members the opportunity to obtain a “Numismatic Scholar” certificate by completing a series of correspondence courses, hands-on seminars or a combination of the two.


Numismatic Diploma Program

The Numismatic Diploma Program provides individuals the opportunity to obtain a “Numismatic Scholar” certificate by completing a series of online courses. As each course is currently being updated, the first course is now available, with more courses coming 6-8 months apart.

Students embark on an exciting and rewarding journey while acquiring knowledge and skills necessary to appreciate and enjoy the hobby with interactive activities, articles from The Numismatist, and exploration of museum resources.

This program is available to ANA members only. To become a member, please visit

*Please note that the ANA Numismatic Diploma Program is not accredited and does not make someone a professional numismatist, dealer, coin grader, appraiser, or anything similar. It can be completed from your desired location, but it is only available online to help provide an enjoyable, enhanced learning experience about the hobby of coin collecting. It does not “certify” anyone in any way as a dealer or professional coin grader, as no such certification exists. I just wanted to mention this, if gaining employment in the numismatic field was the primary reason for this interest in our program. As with many workplaces, much often depends upon your experience as well as established reputation and relationships within the industry, though having earned a Numismatic Scholar diploma certainly wouldn’t hurt one’s chances at finding a career in the related field. It is likely necessary to contact one or more of these firms directly if you are interested in pursuing such a career. The ANA does not guarantee or provide assistance with job placement in a related field. We are unable to provide any kind of financing or installment plans regarding payments; student loans and the G.I. Bill are also unavailable for use in our Numismatic Diploma Program.

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