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Learn how you can participate in YN activities exclusive to members of the ANA’s Young Numismatist program. Find information on YN dollar and birthday requests, and instructions for YN Learning Continuum projects below.

eLearning Academy Registration

Recent YN newsletters have provided information about the shift in YN programming that kicked off on April 29. With the launch of our eLearning Academy, you will now be able to submit birthday requests, YN Dollar requests, and completed projects via the eLearning portal. 

  • You will need a eLearning Academy login to participate in YN programming moving forward. Visit this page to learn more.
  • During your birth month, you will need to go to the YN programming page to request your birthday coin and YN Dollars.
  • To submit YN Dollar requests, as of May 1, you will need to do so through the YN programming page on the eLearning Academy.
  • If you have started and already submitted pieces of the Dollar Project, Ancient Coin Project, or Early American Copper Coin Project and you want to continue on the current path, please reach out to the education department directly for guidance on steps moving forward. Don’t panic! We will work with you to make sure you get everything you have earned.
  • It is important to note that we now have activities for 3 different grade ranges. Coin Explorers, in grades K-5, will have activities that are a revamped version of the Dollar Project. Money Study Buddies, in grades 6-8, will have projects that are similar to the former Ancient Coin and Early American Copper Projects. Currency Connectors, in grades 9-12, will have an entirely new set of opportunities. Even if you have completed the older projects, you can still participate in the new projects in your grade range.
If you have questions or are confused, contact us at education@money.org.  We will support you in this transition.
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