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29 May 2018

My Best Circulation Finds...

Young Numismatists Exchange | Jonas's Coins

Bank roll hunting can lead to finding many interesting coins, especially foreign coins, errors, varieties, and old silver. Some people find coins that make them rich, but here are my two best bank roll finds, out of about 2,000 coins I've looked through...

21 Apr 2018

All The ANA YN Programs!

Young Numismatists Exchange | Jonas's Coins

As many of us know, the ANA has tons of activites for YN’s. Today we will be looking at these different activities and all the different things YN’s Can win, receive, and earn! These activities include The Dollar Project, The YN Auction, The Early American Copper Coin Project, The Ancient Coin Project, Coin’s For A’s, The National Coin Week Activity, and a couple of other programs. Let’s start looking!

04 Apr 2018

Youth Club Curriculum and Activities

Young Numismatists Exchange | Mr_Norris_LKNS

Youth Club Curriculum Ideas and ActivitiesThe first year of the Legacy Knights Numismatic Society has been highly successful. We increased our membership from 13 last year to 18 this year. All but one returned and six new students joined. One of our members has completed the ANA's Dollar Project, a handful have become Coin Identification Experts, and 15 members have joined the ANA. One of our members even made it out to the Money Museum in Colorado Springs over spring break (a long way from us). LKNS has joined, as a club, both the ANA and the Central States Numismatic Society. You can find our club in the club listings of both organizations.Part of the fun we have is because we mix up the agenda between guest speakers and activities. For 3rd through 6th graders, listening to presentations for long periods of time can be a challenge. We have had interesting speakers present to us some very cool topics and we've really enjoyed what we saw and heard. But to keep a variety we don't do that every month. So we break things up by interspersing speakers with activities. We're developing a curriculum that involves projects from outside sources, as well as projects we've developed in-house. We try to use these activities to support an agenda of developing some good basic numismatic skills that every young numismatist should have.One of our first activities is the Coin Identity Challenge, where a member is given a coin and has to identify its specific type and variety. This gets them familiar with the Krause catalogs we have on the library reference shelf in school, and learn how to use them.Another activity is the ANA Dollar Project. This one is not hard to do, but it takes some effort to complete. All the instructions are on the ANA website. This project gets them familiar with the connection between history and numismatics. It also connects them to the ANA as they send in their projects and receive back their rewards. It also earns them about $50 worth (market value) of nice dollar coins!A third activity is the Coin Grading Project. We have selected specific types of US coins for them to find in their change or collections, then have them use the ANA's US coin grading standards to determine the grade they think it is. Then they compare notes with a local grading expert; if he would grade it differently, they find out why. When they are done, they are familiar with the process and standards of grading, and they are well on their way to a nice US coin type set!Through the ANA's Coins For A's program, we have gotten 15 LKNS members to join the ANA, which has reduced our club membership dues to $0!We also have club parties throughout the year: Christmas, the Society's Birthday in February, and our Annual Awards Party in May. Sometimes we play "Numismatic Jeopardy". Then there's the very popular Members Only Auction at the end of the year. We have gone on field trips to the local coin shop, the local area coin club, and the local annual coin show.One thing I'd like to also make part of our regular curriculum is an activity that works on care and safekeeping of one's collection. We have had a presentation on this in the past, but I'd like to develop a regular activity that reinforces the do's and don'ts of caring for numismatic items.We are looking to expand our program in the next year or two, to gradually offer inclusion of higher grade levels at the school. Some of the members now are already worried that they won't be able to attend once they're past 6th grade! That's a good problem, because you know they are enjoying themselves now. Once we expand into older grades, I'd like to try to develop some activities that explore the minting process, not only so we can identify the factors that affect how coins look, but to make some of our own coins ourselves... wouldn't that be cool!These are our ideas that have worked or are our dreams, and by sharing them I hope we inspire others. If you have some cool youth club ideas that have worked for your club in the past, please share them with us!

29 Mar 2018

My Great Deals!

Young Numismatists Exchange | Jonas's Coins

Hello. Welcome back to my blog! Today, I will be showing you guys (and gals) some of the great deals on coins I've gotten over the past year. The deals have occurred at both flea markets and coin shows. Here are some of the great coins I have gotten:

18 Jan 2018

YN Program at the 2018 Wilmington Coin Show

Young Numismatists Exchange | user_68636

We just completed our three day Wilmington Coin show sponsored by one of the clubs I belong to - the Wilmington Coin Club. It was a great show and as we do every year on the third day, Ms. Pam Stitely runs a YN program. Many of you will recognize Garrett, Casey, and myself in the video. It is a lot of fun presenting to new young numismatists. If you get a chance to be a presenter at a YN program, go ahead and present. Miss Pam does an outstanding job every year but she believes the young children like to hear about coin collecting from older kids.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yS-51R_PtFQ

18 Jan 2018

2017 Week Two YN Summer Seminar Video

Young Numismatists Exchange | user_68636

Here is week two's YN video I made of last year's summer seminar with a special guest appearance - Mr. Ken Bressett. I encourage YNs to apply for a scholarship! The summer seminars are outstanding. You learn a lot and get to meet a lot of knowledgeable people plus you will have lots of fun!https://youtu.be/HJ2Ex8q70y4

18 Jan 2018

2017 Week One YNs at the ANA Summer Seminar

Young Numismatists Exchange | user_68636

Here is week one's YN video I made of last year's summer seminar. I encourage YNs to apply for a scholarship! The summer seminars are outstanding. You learn a lot and get to meet a lot of knowledgeable people plus you will have lots of fun!https://youtu.be/ajFyGv6PMjk

13 Oct 2017

YN Post-Auction Article Part 1: Prediction Edition

Young Numismatists Exchange | The Coin Student

The 2017 ANA's YN Auction has finally come to a close and many records and predictions have been met. From a 3,000 YN dollar coin to a 1,400 Red Book signed by Kenneth Bressett, the auction held a few surprises for its bidders. So without further ado here is the first part of my exclusive auction recap:


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