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25 Jun 2015

Badge tags.

| Jglake

This post is just to get badges :P so will the next four...

18 May 2015

FAO Medal Lillian Carter 1978

Exonumia | user_3992

This is a FAO silver medal issued1978.A portrait of Lillian Carter appears on the medal obverse, while the reverse shows three nurses, with the inscription: "Human kindness and caring - heal beyond any wall".The medal was sculpted by Frank Gasparro, chief engraver of the U.S. Mint, in his private capacity, and was struck at the Gori & Zucchi Mint, Arezzo.Am trying to find out how many were issued by FAO.? Any help will be appreciated.

22 Nov 2014

Hello Everyone!

Coins | Weiner Numismatics

Hello to all! Just finally getting around to starting my blog lol. I am a Numismatist and Collector of Numismatic properties from around the world, and specialize in errors. Hope to meet many fellow collectors!