24 Feb 2018

Jefferson Nickels 1962-1995

Coins-United States | user_74781

I decided to start my collection with these nickels. I don't have anything yet. I'm reading this book and finding it very interesting. I'm trying to find out why there are no spaces for the "S" nickels in the folder.

24 Feb 2018

Are You An Olympic Fan?

Medals | Mike Burns

Hi everyone. Before i start today I want to apologize to 57927. He or she wrote a great blog on Olympic commemorative coins it was well done. I thought he or she was writing it on the actual medals at today's games. Again my apologies. What his or her blog did was get me interested in the medals themselves. So I decided to look into it and what I found was not what I thought i would find. Let's start with the medals. Gold,silver,bronze. Nothing could be further from the truth. I knew that the Gold medal was not made of complete gold. I never expected to find out that there made of silver covered in six grams of gold. The melt value would be based on today's market more than likely almost seven hundred dollars. Now the silver. That's the only medal made out of what it says silver and some copper worth about three hundred dollars. Now the Bronze. I'm thinking that's basically a cheap metal it must be made out of bronze. Was I ever wrong you see it's made of a metal cheaper than bronze. How about copper. The value of that metal is about four dollars. Now the athlete in the United States that wins a Gold medal gets twenty five thousand dollars. This also is not so. You see the government wants it's cut so he and she is taxed leaving them with about nine thousand dollars and change. That's not enough for the athlete to train for about two months. The last time a Gold medal was made of gold was in 1912 in Stockholm Sweden. The more and more I read about these games the worse I felt for the athlete. If they win the Gold medal they might get a few endorsements. This is not even true. Why? Well Madison ave will sign them to a short term contract simply because when the games are over so are they. Only a few in the so called 'big' events will make it. I have a new way and a new belief of the Olympics. There run by greed were can the committee make the most money. The athletes that work all there lives for this moment in the sun becomes nothing but a statistic. They even have to pay for this moment from there family to the government who taxes them. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the designer of these medals. His name is Lee Sum-woo. The ribbon is made of Gappa a traditional fabric. So there is your little taste of these wonderful games and how these brave men and woman are treated. I'm sure some of you learned something about these marvelous medals I'm not surprised many sell them after a few years. I have to give my personal opinion, these have been the worse covered games in modern history. I haven't heard the Star Spangled Banner once not even on the replay. My opinion. Collect,enjoy buy books thanks Mike.

23 Feb 2018

BOM Triad Concept Strikes Again (CIA was the Target this time)

Exonumia | DrDarryl

This is not a science fiction nor spy thriller blog entry. It's a blog entry that once again discusses "The Manufacturing Triad of the Bureau of the Mint (BoM)". In this "episode", the medals of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the topic of focus. It's obviously known that the CIA is an agency of the U.S. Government. The question posed for discussion is: Can it be proven that the BOM manufactured the initial CIA award medals?

23 Feb 2018

interesting in going

Coins | user_98627

Come see $millions$ of rare coins and colorful currency and find out what your old coins and paper money may be worth!

22 Feb 2018

Credit card issuers and usury

Credit Cards | Prospector

If you have a credit card balance and are living worst than an indentured servant to the credit card issuer you need to know this. The effective annual interest rate on credit cards amount to 40 to 60 percent. If you were to pay the minimum balance of the credit card it would take you 130 years to pay off the alleged debt. Mind you I said alleged debt since it has been proven in the court of law that these usurers attempt to collect money without a contract.

21 Feb 2018

what i'm doing

| user_88687

I'm sorry I haven't blogged recently. I have been doing a lot of school work lately so I haven't been able to blog recently. I am taking a break from the dollar project and will work on it again later. Instead I am working on organizing the coins that I have right now. Also I am getting involved in another coin club and I am going to be going to one of there meetings. I am going to try to blog more recently. Please let me know if you know any coin clubs you would recommend.

21 Feb 2018

Tools helpful to a coin collector

Coins-United States | Prospector

The following tools are used for coin counterfeit detection, Jeweler's loupe, micrometer, digital scale, magnet, a Red Book of U.S. coins and a 2"x2" coin holder. These tools can be acquired for less than $50 on Ebay. I am not an expert at detecting counterfeit coins but I do know how to utilize these tools and I know what they help determine. In order to learn a more in depth knowledge about these topics I would recommend either buying a good numismatic book on the topic or rent one from the ANA library.

21 Feb 2018


Exonumia | Longstrider

Today I am going to put up something entirely new to me. I am trying my luck at studying Civil War Tokens and Store Cards. Be gentle as I am just starting my studies and research. As you can see in the photos below, I am working on this 1863 Civil War Token. It is confusing to me as the dies that could have been used on both sides of the same token were used on tokens and store cards. The front of the token can be found on page 141 of the newest edition of Civil War Tokens and Store Cards. Second edition. It is Patriotic die 210. This side of the token features the Flag Of Our Union with 13 stars around it, the date 1863 and the Phrygian cap of freedom.


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