23 Sep 2016

Ancient Propaganda On A Coin

Ancient Coins | Pliny The Elder

This coin attracted me because of the strange Z mark carved into it, and the Xgraffitoseen lightly in the background. I always like the signs of ancient hands on the surfaces and on the edges, I do. But I also like the history each coin represents, and the underlyingpropagandabeneath that history. Every single ancient coin says something, if not just in my own head. This silver denarius was issued during the lifetime of Julius Caesar, but before he was given total power over Rome and all of Romantic history. Struck in 58 B.C. by Marcus Aemilius Scaurus and Publius Plautius Hypsaeus at the time of the Aedilician Games (you can see the "AED CVR" for Aedile Curule, the titles ofHypsaeusandScaurus at the time---Aediles organized public events like parades, festivals and games).This coin appears to commemorate the supplication of King Aretas to Pompey's general (and brother-in-law) Marcus Scaurus. I say "appears" because Scaurus had a reputation for backroom dealing and dishonesty. Even though accusations were constantly bandied about, as brother-in-law to a famous general he always managed to avoid legal trouble, once employing the famous Cicero as his defense counsel to plead his case. Scaurus went to war in the Nabbatean Kingdom in 62 B.C. and laidsiegeto the city of Petra. King Aretas III is alleged by historians to have bribed Scaurus to lift this seige. Scaurus returned to Rome, crowing of victory and hoping to settle into a nice and important life as a public servant. And he did to some extent. He organized these Aedilician Games, he issued this coin. But he just couldn't escape from being himself, though, and lingering problems with honesty eventually saw him sent him into exile. This coin is a snapshot in time. It tells the history of his victory in Nabbatea? Or possibly it merely shows one of his many thinly veiled lies. That is King Aretas kneeling next to his camel on the obverse side. The reverse is Jupiter, the king of the Gods, driving a four horse chariot to the left. That is fourhorses galloping abreast of eachother, an amazing sight to see I am sure. I hope you enjoy the coin and the short history associated with it.

22 Sep 2016

1916 Gold Standing Liberty Coin

Coins | Longstrider

So it seems to me that the US Mint has misjudged the public and us, their customers, again. I received an email from the mint yesterday, 21 September, notifying me that they have removed the household limit on the new 2016 Gold Liberty Commemorative Standing Liberty Quarter. I guess us regular folks didn't care to purchase this item at the inflated price. Today it is listed for $ 485.00..Anyone that wanted one has bought it by now. All this loosening of the rules now allows their REAL customer base, the third party people, the tele-marketers, to buy as many coins as they want. As Usual. How does this help me. Just an average collector that was out priced on this item that should be in silver!! Don't forget there are over 9000 gold dimes still lying around no one knows what to do with. What do you think?? Thanks for looking. Just my opinion. I could be wrong!!

20 Sep 2016

Regarding All These Coins I've Acquired...

Coins-United States | lawrenceCLANmaclaren

I know most of us, as ANA members, have had the dream (or some variation of it) before: "I want to be a coin dealer!" Unfortunately, for the vast majority of people which share this dream, you quickly find this sentiment to be far more idealistic than pragmatic. So many of us devote immense amounts of time, energy, and (of course we can't forget) money to our numismatic passion. Why not follow the old adage, that so many people seemingly stand by, of "do what you love, and love what you do"? To say this phrase is one thing - to pursue it in the realm of numismatics is substantially different (sigh)... For the purpose of clarification: I would love being a coin dealer. However, I'm certainly not going to let the pull of starry-eyed optimism lure me into a psychological and financial nightmare! I need to constantly remind myself that time, patience (and a whole lot of knowledge) alone will reveal the possibilities for possibly dealing coins in the future. I certainly have acquired a few! I can't emphasize enough how much I appreciate the numismatic community which being an ANA member has, and will continue to offer me. So, what better place than this sea of knowledge to seek out advice as a (hopefully one day) aspiring coin dealer??

16 Sep 2016

Coin Thoughts #7 from "SUN"

Coins | "SUN"

I enjoy reading Dave Harper's blog "The Buzz" on the Numismatic News website. Some of the things he writes about got me thinking about different things I have seen in the coin collecting hobby.

16 Sep 2016

Cuban Coins -- Fun to collect and Own

Coins - World | Bret@Idaho

Since getting into the hobby/business of coins, I have long found interest and pleasure in collecting coins from Cuba. I had fun going to coin shows and finding various coins from dealer's tables. Often times I found nice coins, low mintage, in excellent condition --- and paid a small price. Ebay would not allow the sale of Cuban coins, so most dealers would sell them for the price of silver melt (I mostly focused on silver Cuban coins, and avoided the copper-nickel).Now, with the thawing of relations the market for Cuban coins has bounced back.Does anyone else collect Cuban coins? I belong to a Facebook page that is about Cuban numismatics and have gained information and knowledge there.Happy hunting.Bret

15 Sep 2016

American Eagle 2016 One Ounce Silver Proof Coin

| The Coin Student

The American Eagle 2016 One Ounce Silver Proof Coin is being issued tomorrow, September 16, 2016 at noon. If you're a collector of "Silver Eagles" you'll probably want to add this one to your collection. The mintage is unlimited, so don't expect a big jump in the value anytime soon. It has edged lettering identifying the coin as the 30th anniversary issue. This proof is a West Point Minted coin. It's priced at $53.95, so it should fit into almost any budget. As always the "Silver Eagle" is one troy ounce of .999 fine silver.