16 Jan 2018

New Year At The Mint 2018

Coins | Mike Burns

Hi everyone. Well it's a new year at our wonderful mint. That means it is time to update our books. We have to watch for proof sets, mint sets, silver sets, anything that goes into our albums. Now the older books are full but the coinage we use everyday is still being made and those holes have to be filled. Now you can get some from circulation but I found with my books it's always better to use the sets. Why? Well there is less of a chance of problems with the coins. Not only that there delivered to your door. That's why I suggest you check there release schedule of these coins. I was lucky except my nickel book which is half circulated and half uncirculated all my other books are from the sets. Now the mint said there prices might be going up. It's still a better deal when you take the complete set into consideration. I do have some older sets but I still like collecting the current coinage. In some cases I will order a single coin from the mint like the Silver Eagle and then buy one slabed for the set. It all depends on what you want to do. I enjoy it. You have to remember these coins from the cents up to the half dollars might be new as coins go but there will be a day when they will be old like the books already full and ended. That's what you have to think about. My favorite set is the Kennedy set. Four coins every year go into that book. I should say books. Some sets have two books. That whole set was never in circulation. Like some others that's why I like the sets. The coins have luster and not touched. I put them in with gloves that's about one hundred and eighty coins never in circulation. We should remember the wholesalers do it this way and send them to the retailers adding more money to the set. That's why I recommend we do it ourselves. Satisfaction fun and enjoyment. That's what collecting is about. Now this doesn't stop me from buying other coins and Tokens which I do. So start a set this year and before you know it you will have a great collection. You can also send the sets in for grading. That's great to. So it's up to you what you want to do. Either way it's a great way to collect. Don't forget the other coins. Are they worth alot of money. I would say no. But it's not the value I will say it all the time. It's the fun of collecting. It's something I enjoy. Some don't but any way we collect to me is fun. So enjoy the year and don't miss any sets or you can use circulated coins anyway you like it that's the hobby and that's what I like about it. Enjoy the year and don't forget a new year means new doubled dies and mistakes so keep your eyes open also. I forgot my cents books some are from circulation of course. Thanks. Mike

15 Jan 2018

Happy Birthday To Me!

Coins | user_30307

First of all, I apologize for not uploading in a long time. But know,lets hop into the story! So know it is the month January! It's finally the New Year! My birthday Is on January 23rd! Friday afternoon( January 12th), my dad was looking through some mail on the counter. I wasn't really paying attention since I was watching TV. My dad was still sorting through the mail. Then he walked toward me with an envelope in his hand. He handed It to me. He said that It was from the ANA. I hadn't been on the website in a while so I was surprised to see that they had given me something. When I opened the envelope, the first thing that I saw was a letter that was bordered by balloons. I was confused. So I went ahead and tore the letter open. The thing that I realized was that letter seemed heavier than regular envelopes. I went ahead and read the letter. The first thing It said was Hello, Riley Z. Wells! I read the letter. By the end of the letter I was smiling! They had said an early Happy Birthday to me! I really appreciated that the ANA took the time to actually send me something for my birthday! Also I had realized that I was holding on to something slippery. So I took the thing out from the letter. I was gawking! 20 YN Dollars! I never had any YN Dollars before! They look so cool. But there was still something inside the envelope. The thing looked like a coin inside a flip. So I went ahead and took a look at It. I was, yet again, gawking! A mint condition 1971 Denver Lincoln Cent! It was amazing! I will forever treasure the treasure I received for my birthday! Thank you ANA! And a very Happy Birthday to me!

15 Jan 2018


Coins-World | Longstrider

The coin I am putting up today is a silver Un Peso minted in Mexico City in 1948. At first I found this coin to be kind of dull and boring. After research I have changed my mind. It has a rich history and story behind it. Much like all Mexico does. The obverse features the National Arms Eagle facing left. It is inscribed with "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS". The reverse is the head of Jose Morelos facing left. It is lettered ".UN PESO 1948 Mo. 14 Gr 0.500. MORELOS.." It has a reeded edge, was minted in Mexico City 1947-1949. It's denomination is 1 Peso of .500 Silver. It weighs 14 g and is 32 mm in diameter and is 2 mm thick. Its KM number is 456. Once I researched this coin I was amazed at the history of the man it depicts and the history of his time in Mexico.

15 Jan 2018

From the Mint to the Moon with John Leonard Riddell

Coins-United States | Michael Marotta

(This blog post is based on earlier works for The Numismatist ("The Riddle of John Leonard Riddell," April 2014, Vol. 127, No.4), the E-Sylum mail list (Volume 16, Number 40, September 29, 2013, Article 12; and Volume 19, Number 8, February 21, 2016, Article 22; etc.) and my blog, NecessaryFacts (Thursday, December 27, 2012).

14 Jan 2018

**2018 Mongolian Lunar Year Of The Dog**

Paper Money-World | Kepi

This was a early gift from my husband in celebration of my birthday for 2018 Year Of The Dog. It's also the first Silver Note issued by Mongolia and the first with a lunar dog, featuring the Mongol Bankhar. Now you might ask yourself that's nice, but why Mongolia? Well a few years ago I sent in a DNA test through Ancestry.com and to my really "white girl" surprise I found out that I have alot of Mongolian in me! How cool is that I thought!!! How exciting...perhaps a long distant relative of Genghis Khan??? ; ) Okay, so now back to this wonderful note. The reverse shows a colorful version of the Mongol Bankhar with a graphic background along with the face value. The obverse shows the Mongolian coat of arms along with the face value, Silver content (5 grams) and the mintage of 5,000 pieces. This note is so beautiful, it just shimmers with the silver running through it! I have been researching this great dog as well. He is a must for the Mongolian Nomad people as he protects, herds, and is such an important part of their family and lifestyle. If you'd like to learn more about these dogs I found a great web-site www.bankhar.org. Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed it!

14 Jan 2018

Hercules Coins in Burnham's Celestial Handbook

Ancient Coins | Michael Marotta

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