27 May 2016

2016 ANA Summer Seminar - Second Session

Summer Seminar | InGodWeTrustOurMotto

It was two years ago that I attended my first ever ANA Summer Seminar. I am so excited about being able to return in 2016. I called in the Fall of 2015 and spoke to Amber B. She was kind enough to keep me informed, so that I could sign up as soon as was possible.The first time I attended, I was part of the Second Session. I was unable to attend the First Session that year, because I was running the Kansas Numismatic Association's Annual Coin & Stamp Show in Wichita, KS. I was a regular board member of the KNA, then. The following year, I was doing the same, but due to my health I was unable to attend the Summer Session in 2015. I am still a KNA Board Member, but this is my last term as Vice President. This year is also my last year running the Kansas Numismatic Association's Annual Coin & Stamp Show, so I will only be attending the Second Session this year. I look forward to meeting new people who share the same interests. I am planning on driving all the way from Wichita, KS to Colorado Springs, CO. It's about an 8 hour drive, so I am driving in a day early on Friday, June 24th. This can help me acclimate to the altitude. I am a life long Kansan, which means that I'm a "flat lander". Look forward to seeing everyone again!   

25 May 2016


Coins | Mike Burn

Well it took till May but my still active sets are now up to date. I completed the  deluxe Kennedy set with the P&D rolls.the silver proofs of course with the proof sets. And the S mints. It does take time but when you look at the set that's up to date there is a feeling of accomplishment. I have older sets thank the Lord there not making a lot of coins anymore. Now some of you will say what's the big deal. Well I as a collector enjoy it. There not the only coins I collect by far. Some of you I have told you part of my collection. It's just to long. After twenty five years you tend to accumulate a lot  of coins. I still like the up to date sets. Like nickels dimes Penny's half dollars all are current coinage. Some of the coins I don't collect in DANSCO albums. Like the America the Beautiful quarters. There all graded. All the same grade and all ultra cameo and of course silver. Now I can pull out any sets I want on a bad day and put a smile on my face. Some will say but there not investment coins. So what I like them. And that's all that counts. Take care. Mike

25 May 2016

Authenticating coins

Coins-United States | user_4648

I am preparing to sell parts of my collection but I want to authenticate four or five before hand. I am aware I can send them to NGC but wonder if there are sources closer to home. I live in the Pacific Northwest.

24 May 2016

Why Numismatics?

Coins | Pliny The Elder

I believe that finding a hobby is essential to a healthy outlook on life, and with coin collecting you have a hobby that inspires and teaches it's participants.  A handful of change can tell a long story about silver shortages, wars, celebrations and important events.  But that story starts with each individual collector, each entering into the hobby for different reasons.  For some, coin collecting gives us respite from a world that often is overly involved with the concerns of others. It brings our thoughts into focus in a specific area that holds great interest to one's self.  Whether it be gryphons or gorgons, watchful eagles or possibly trees, a person can find an area of coin collecting that brings great joy into not only their life but into the lives of others.  Some coin collectors spend long hours studying their collection, reading numismatic material, furthering their knowledge of their particular area of numismatic interest. There are die combinations to learn about, hordes that have been studied, legend variations to look after, and all happening while one tries to fully enjoy their coins.  It can get confusing as coin collecting often involves more than just looking at your coins, but this is a hobby and it is only important to enjoy it and to have fun.  Along the way of coin collecting fun, though, you will start to notice variations in your coins that you have and you will want to know more.  Why did this particular coin have this type of legend, and this other one shows a different style?  Outside of the pretty images and silver and gold content one eventually learns that any serious numismatic pursuit involves a lot of counting and cataloging things. Now that doesn't mean if you are bad at math then numismatics is not your pursuit.  It does involve some level of mathematics, but this area of math is practiced only in a fun way, trust me.  You do not jump right in counting coin types in hordes and learning about die combinations, but it comes eventually because it just does.  Because numismatics, besides being about math and about coin COLLECTING, is also a scientific pursuit.  You can get our your microscope as well as your cotton gloves, because your coin collection will become a classroom over time.  Through your study of your collection you will learn about how environment affects some coin surfaces.  You will learn about toning of coins, about patinas both natural and artificial.  You will learn a lot about metal contents, and what is expected for certain issues.  Flow lines and clogged dies, various makeup of coin hordes, there is a great deal to know.  But outside of this scientific aspect of numismatics there is still even more.  Coin and currency collecting also holds a high level of interest to those studying history.  In cataloging one's collection, specifically identifying details on your coins, getting to know them each personally through hours of hands on learning, weighing and measuring, and always studying, one becomes an actual numismatist and not just a coin collector.  Through this study a coin collector becomes more expert, and sometimes a collector finds they wish to share what they have learned with others.  This hobby is so expansive, and includes a type of people that for the most part are dedicated to furthering the intellectual advancement of mankind.  Some collectors feel that the need to share their knowledge with others is important, and it grows this hobby in ways that are hard to quantify.  There are many reasons why people choose numismatics, and for some those reasons shift and grow over time. One might start off collecting silver, then graduating to Franklin Halves only, then slowly moving into Civil War Tokens.  By the time old age is reached there is a lot of experience to share, and that becomes the next level.  You have a nice collection.  You have learned so much about history.  Your scientific pursuit in this hobby has been so very rewarding.  You are ready to help others.  One might get into numismatics for a variety of reasons, but with time, the reason one stays is to help others.  Have fun collecting.    

23 May 2016

This weeks news (1 day late)

Coins | user_94464

The top 3 numismatic things that happened to me are: 

22 May 2016


| user_8029

Sorry, my spreadsheets did not did not format correctly, so I did not include them. In some cases, the bibliography did not come out correctly, but i cannot change that.

22 May 2016

NGC Canada W SP coins

Coins | user_2428

I have collected NGC Canada specimen coins for years.  I finally saw & purchased my first W mint specimen.

21 May 2016

My YN Literary Awards Submission Part 2

| ShriekenGriffon

This is the 2nd part of the blog I posted yesterday. I have heard very good comments about it and even if I don't win anything I know I am pretty good and can get better. Here is the rest of  my submission:

20 May 2016

My YN Literary Awards Submission

Young Numismatists Exchange | ShriekenGriffon

For this blog, I am sharing what I wrote for the 2016 YN Literary Awards. I worked about 15 hours total on this with all the research and thinking what to write. I will do this in 2 parts o 2 seperate days because it is kind of long and I don't want to overwhelm some of you and hope it aught discourage people from skimming through it. Hope you guys enjoy and without further ado, here it is: