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08 Apr 2020

Update on that 1981-s "Silver" quarter

| Adrien

Conclusion: It is not silver.
I took my 2006-D Satin Finish 1c in the same type of pcgs holder and I weighed it and found it weighed 33.36 grams. I then subtracted 2.5 grams (weight of post-1982 cents) and it came out to be 30.86 for the weight of the holder. I took the weight of my coin in the holder and found it weighed 36.56 grams. 36.56-30.86 ended up being 5.7 grams.
Upon inspection with a stereo microscope, I was able to find tiny amounts of copper peeking through the "cracks" in the rimming.

Thank you for your help,

That had stumped me for some time.



Level 6

Great research! Thanks for letting us know.


Level 5

Gotcha. But that would have been one heck of a find if it were silver. Keep on looking closely at all of your coins; that's how new die varieties get discovered! -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.


Level 5

Was hoping you had something special. I should start checking my change and coins. Never know when your going to find something, but you need to look for sure. Thanks for the update.


Level 7

I wish you luck. I necer knewnthe weight of the slab i did it another way no good . Good for.you Now i recall your blog. So you did find out. Sorry about that but thanks for.the update .


Level 6

Thanks for the update. It's nice to here how you researched the coin. Very good. I hope Sam reads this...

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