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07 Apr 2021

Coin Roll Hunting

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So a little bit ago I went searching through 800 cents and 4 rolls of nickels. I found a few wheat cents but nothing valuable. I found one coin that I think has a doubled obverse, but I'm not sure. Also, I found a cent with a dot underneath the date, I don't know if the workers at the U.S. Mint tested the hardness of the die, give me your feedback in the comments. I also found one or two cents with "S" mintmarks, but were not proof. I saw one of my rolls of nickels that looked like it had extra nickels so I counted how many nickels there were and counted 42. So I took two out. And I found a dime in a roll of cents. So a 19 cent profit! Yay! I'm rich! Lol! I found two rolls of pure 1982 cents and one with 1982 cents and 1982 D cents. Oh, and my oldest find was a 1917 wheat cent. I'm also getting a 1881 S Morgan dollar in MS-62 which is graded and slabbed by NGC. My first slabbed coin! And it's a Morgan dollar! Yay!



Level 6

Always enjoyable to hear about roll searches since I am too lazy to do it myself. (: Thanks for sharing your finds.

Mr. B Coins

Level 4

Dear 7777, It sure seems like you have the Midas touch. I love your blogs and how you share. Thank you. Stay Safe, Mr. B

C.D. Harrell

Level 3

Awesome! I am looking forward to hearing about your first slabbed coin, keep it up!


Level 5

1917 wheat is great. Wonder how it got back into circulation? Thanks for telling us about your search.


Level 6

Check those '82's. Nothing like PURE profit. That is 19 more chances on the next haul. I love roll searching. Some of the things one finds are amazing. Good luck and enjoy that Morgan. When you get it go to VamWorld.com and check it for being a VAM. P.S. Don't forget about my beloved Peace Dollars. Good luck and thanks.


Level 7

Your the collectors that will find the treasures. With your sharp eyes. The dot I believe is nothing. A picture might change our minds! Good luck!!


Level 6

19 cents...pure profit! ; ) It all sounds good and lots of fun going through all the change. Congratulations on getting your first slabbed coin! Be sure to blog about it and show a picture! ; )

Yeah, I definitely will!


Level 5

wow, rake in the 19 cents!!! Youre making DOUGH!! lol. Good find, and ditto on CHs comment. Good finds, and nice new coin!


Level 5

Hey, check the 1982 pennies for the DDO (if they are copper) look for doubling especially in "GOD". A slabbed Morgan is a nice coin.

Okay I will

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