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16 Jul 2018

All in the details

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Coin people tend to be detail oriented. They have to be. When it comes to grading, every little detail counts. Coin collectors carefully examine full bell lines, Liberty hair details, Lincoln's bow tie and Liberty's curls.
I find it interesting that so many coin people are also astronomy buffs. This is a remarkable summer of observing. Jupiter had a peak night in May, with Saturn in June and Mars in late July. As a longtime observer, I delight in seeing the division in Saturn's rings and bands on its surface...Mar's south polar cap and dark markings on its surface...not to mention the red spot of Jupiter.
No one is more detail oriented than a coin person. From counting the berries on a copper wreath to counting stars and checking hair details, coin people rely on their magnifiers. Astronomers rely on good viewing nights, spotting details on the planets and even details on faraway galaxies and nebulae. Some people are involved in both!
There is much to be seen out there, in coins, in the universe. It's all in the details.



Level 5

The right details can turn a common coin into a valuable one. My grandfather made me look for these details at an early age. Like Mike said, I think it is just second nature now.


Level 6

That's true. Checking out the details is a must for coin collectors!


Level 6

Interesting comparison. I'm into VAM Morgan and peace dollars and details are microscopic. Thanks!


Level 4

Never thought of it that way, however, you are quite right. I have always been interested in astronomy, never fully got into it though. ~Matt

I agree, coin collectors are all about the details. Whether it be Jupiter's Great Red Spot or the eagle's breast feathers on the reverse of a Peace Dollar, if it demands to be seen we demand to see it.


Level 7

That's interesting. I thought I was one of a few that looked at Lincoln's bow tie! With conder tokens it matters how many bees are on it and the berries in the wreaths. Yes I guess your right but we been doing it for so long it's like a second nature. And we all have magnifying glasses. Thank you for pointing that out and how it matches with the solar system . I enjoyed it very much. Mike.

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