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26 Aug 2017

Don't forget

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Summer is winding down. School is back in session. Vacation time is almost over, and the eclipse is over too. Time to get back to real life for a while as the autumn season (and football season!) sets in.
During the busy times ahead, do not forget this wonderful hobby of numismatics. Sometimes things happen that take priority over hobbies and fun stuff. Work and school, or both, take over your life. Seems that one day just flows into another, and before you know it, weeks and months have flown by.
When you need a break or a lift, remember your hobby. If you can't make it to a show or a shop, pick up a coin book or catalog. Remember the good times that your hobby has brought you. Keep in contact with a coin friend. 
And don't forget to keep checking your change!



Level 6

I can't wait for Autumn to arrive! Today its 105 outside... : ) Summer's not quite over for me yet...haha The colder months will bring coin roll searching, reading and going through my collections, enjoying them all over again!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i do a lot of coin roll hunting during the school year cant wait!


Level 6

I enjoying reading articles on coins. Sometimes I just re-arrange my collection.


Level 6

Great blog. Personally, I like to get out my collections and check them out. You can easily forget what wonderful acquisitions you have. Especially in slabbed coins. Enjoy them all over again and remember how you got them.. Thank you and enjoy autumn.


Level 5

Summer can be slow for coin collecting. In the winter and spring we see the new mint products. In the fall we finish filling holes before the year is over and have numismatic gift giving opportunities.


Level 7

I myself am happy summer is coming to a close. Most collectors are away and activity drops. For some reason it picks up in the winter. Maybe because collectors stay in from the cold! Thanks Mike.

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