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02 Dec 2018

Gift giving

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Tis the season! While thinking of gifts to give, coin related or not, why not get something special for yourself?
Some years ago I spotted a dealer's offering of 50 different Barber quarters for a reasonable price. I ordered it and saw this was a nice group. And it was not the 50 most common dates/mintmarks either. Each coin was "average circulated" as they say, but nothing really worn badly. I don't think any one even could be called "about good."
This group formed the basis of a Barber quarter set. Challenging to be sure. Not the most popular set. There were three big S mint coins to find. I felt reasonably sure I would never own a 1901-S but the 1896-S and 1913-S were possibilities.
Studying each coin, using my trusty Red Book, checking reference books, led to a new interest in Barber coins. This was a few years before the Bowers series of books came out.
No, I never did complete the set. Two short. But this gift to myself brought many hours of enjoyment. 


I'd buy myself a gift if I had the money


Level 5

I am fortunate enough to belong to 2 clubs that have a Christmas gift exchange. Aside from that, the only coin gifts I receive are the ones I buy myself. But, that 's ok. I know what I want.


Level 5

I like self give once in a while.


Level 6

Great idea! I'd be happy to buy myself a gift! haha : )


Level 6

What a great idea. I like Mokiechan's reasoning. My birthday is very close to Christmas so i have to wait to gift myself. Don't want to double up. Thanks.


Level 7

That's great I did that for so long I forget. I always had a Christmas club still do they were big when we were kids they still are in savings banks. I give everything to the wife haha except enough to buy me one coin at Christmas. They wouldn't know what to buy. But Christmas came early this year. My token finishing the set has been mailed. I should have it soon five years it's over. Great blog . Mike The moral of I can do it you can never give up. Good things take time.


Level 6

I am a firm believer in self-gifting. Since I was an only child, I decided that if I had siblings, they would have gifted me a Morgan Dollar or a key Lincoln, or ...... I still keep up the tradition, wondering what I will get myself this year. I think maybe a nice Half Cent,

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