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01 Nov 2018

Holiday season already

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Once Halloween is over, the holiday season really gets going. Thanksgiving is three weeks from today. Christmas not long after that. Is it time to think about coin gifts?
There are many ideas, so much to choose from. A bag of mixed world coins can be a nice gift for a budding collector. A birth year proof set or mint set. A set of War nickels for the World War II buff. A silver eagle or an old-fashioned silver dollar. A gift of two silver dollars got me started in numismatics.
Give yourself a gift! Years ago I spotted a selection of 50 different Barber quarters. What a good starter set, that began a new collecting challenge. A local coin shop had a box of mixed Mercury dimes in the window. That made a good gift.
Reference books make good gifts at all times. Try a new book on a new series.
Possibilities are endless. Start thinking, and start shopping.


Jonas's Coins

Level 5

It is always time to think about coin gifts.


Level 6

It's so nice that we have you to remind us that the holidays are approaching. You should be our "Official Go To Gift Consultant". ; ) Thanks for another blog!

Christmas is definitely around the corner, and it gives us all excuses to buy ourselves, and others gifts for just being around us.


Level 5

Silver dollars or silver eagle make nice gifts. Thinking about placing some silver dollars for stocking stuffers.


Level 6

Can I please enjoy Thanksgiving before I have to worry about gifts?? Thanks.


Level 6

I have been buying Proof Silver Eagles for my Daughter since she was one year old, that is 13 Eagles at this point. In fact, my entire collection will go to her at some point. I just have to make sure you is knowledgeable about coins and determining value so she can get a good return should she choose to liquidate. I think I will buy myself a unique coin gift this year. Now to determine what that is going to be. LOL


Level 7

I get to save some money. I'm the only collector for miles and miles. The people I know don't collect. They don't like it so I can't even give them a coin. It's a great idea I hope many take advantage of it. I'm up for a gift!!!. Great thought and blog. Mike

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