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01 Jan 2019

New beginning

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Happy New Year to all! This is the time when many folks make resolutions, decide to try something new. It's been written about many times (including by me) to collect something new in the new year. My own collecting experience began soon after a year began.
No, I won't reveal what year. But at Christmas, my grandmother had given me two silver dollars. One was a 1921 Morgan, the other a 1922 Peace. I was fascinated that the coins were dated only a year apart, but looked so different. I wanted to learn more.
It so happened that I came down with something the first week of January and stayed home from school. I had time to really look at those silver dollars and study them. I looked at other coins, from the piggy bank, from my jacket pocket. In those days, there were still Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, and silver coins. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. It became more and more interesting. So many questions.
If I had to pick a certain date when my coin love began, it would be January 6. And after all these years,  I'm still interested and still learning.



Level 6

Love your story about your Grandmothers gift to you! Silver Dollars are the Best! Morgan or Peace! ; )

the good old silver dollar days... it would feel great to just be able to access them easily.


Level 5

It is fun to come up with a "plan" for the year. It usually gets detoured, but gives you some direction.

A new year is a great time to begin, and an excellent time to get others in the hobby as well. Great story, and still lots to learn.

My first coin was a Morgan dollar, pressed into my hand by my Grandfather right after my Christening. Obviously that had an effect on my future hobbies. He also gave me a tiny pair of cowboy boots, which I never wore. Although I have bother ridden horses and driven carriages, that hobby never stuck all that well. I almost hate to admit it, but the Mint had stopped minting Peace Dollars for a shorter time before my Christening than has elapsed since they stopped minting the Memorial Reverse Cents. You can see why I call myself Ancient Collector - not just because I collect ancients. I think I will forego a new collection as a resolution this year. Too many past resolutions (fulfilled) already.

Getting two silver dollars at the same time would make an instant collector out of anyone.


Level 5

You are so right. I thinking about some new this year. I do not always start a new area yearly.


Level 6

Nothing like our hobby.


Level 6

I truly love Numismatics. I think we all share that same fascination with coins and the worlds they open up to us. Everyone should do them selves a solid and find another bright coin to herald in the New Year.


Level 4

A hobby that requires a lot of reading and study, that's the most interesting thing.. Happy new year!!


Level 7

That's what I love about this hobby. The learning never stops. And never will. The interest is there and I think it's great we all collect different coin and medals, and tokens. That's how I learn it's helping me keep going. Now twenty six years and still learning. And the history is better than school. A good one to you also. Mike

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