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12 Sep 2018

Ship of dreams

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I even dream about coins. Dreamed I had a choice of two beautiful Canada silver dollars. One was a 1949. The Newfoundland commem, with Cabot's ship, the Matthew. Unmistakably mint state. Shimmering mint luster, ship in all detail including the sails. No nicks, no spots.

23 Jul 2017

Spread the word

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Many coins are unfamiliar to the average person. No one has received a half dollar in change for decades. $2 bills are rarely seen, and never mind dollar coins. Sometimes people like to see unusual money.

25 Mar 2017

A thing of beauty

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During my shopping trip downtown last week, I stopped at my favorite coin shop. Much construction going on, so no window displays. When I went inside, I spotted a lovely coin.

01 Feb 2017

1921 Morgan dollars

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The three Morgan dollars of 1921 are probably the most common in the series. Many people who found family hoards of silver dollars undoubtedly had a 1921 Morgan or two in the bunch. These coins, the first dollars minted since 1904, are not known for strong strikes and blazing luster. But once in a while, a collector who keeps searching can be rewarded. If you really get in and look at a convention, you could find an exceptional specimen. You may not have to bid a fancy price at an auction or compete with registry collectors. Many silver dollar collectors overlook the 1921 coins, so you can have first crack at a nice one. The other day, I was downtown and stopped at my favorite coin shop. There was the best 1921-D Morgan I've ever seen. The strike was way above average, mint luster full cartwheel and blazing! A lovely 1921 Morgan is an appealing coin.

31 Dec 2016

Peace dollars

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Overshadowed by the Morgan dollar, the Peace dollar is a beautiful coin that has a lot to offer collectors. An attractive design, 90% silver content, and it's not that difficult to complete. There are only 24 coins to a set, and no real stoppers. Peace dollars were minted from 1921-1928, and again in 1934-35. The 1935 coins are the last of the old-fashioned silver dollars.

21 Dec 2016

The most unloved coin

Coins-United States | CoinLady

The title of "America's most unloved coin" has a few contenders. The Susan B. Anthony dollar, unused in commerce, with an unattractive design. The twenty-cent piece, resembling a quarter, only minted for a few years. But my nominee is the Trade dollar.

07 Dec 2016

I can dream, can't I?

Coins | CoinLady

Whenever I'm downtown--and I go as often as I can--I enjoy stopping into my favorite coin shop and looking in the windows, browsing, talking about coins. It's a nice place for a longtime collector to dream.

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