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26 May 2017

The first purchase

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The first coin I ever bought was a 1907 Indian cent.
I had become interested in coins after receiving two silver dollars for Christmas. One was a 1921 Morgan, the other a 1922 Peace. I was fascinated by the two very different coins being dated only one year apart. I wanted to learn more about older coins. I started looking at coins in change, especially cents, to see how old they were and how they looked after so many years.
A local coin shop had "common boxes" of Indian cents. Most were well-worn coins from the early 2oth century. I liked the look of Indian cents, with the different heads side and the wreath on the tails side. That wreath was different from the wheat ears on older Lincoln cents I found in change.
So I took the plunge. I bought an old Indian cent for 25 cents. I paid a quarter for a penny. And that was just the start.


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Thanks for sharing your story. Good memory, too.

The first coin I ever bought was a Chinese coin with a square hole in the center. I got from a local coin shop in a world coin box for 10 cents. The reason I got it was because I thought the square hole in the center was cool.


Level 6

My first purchase from a proper coin store was a silver eagle. I know, bullion. Believe me, I have made it worth his while to help me. Help me he did. He guided me into some investment coins and some fun Dansco albums! Thanks!!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

my first purchase at a coin shop was a bunch of V nickels 1889-1898


Level 5

I wish I could remember my first purchase. I do remember seeing the 1921/22 difference in silver dollars and wondering the reason. Everything in circulation looked the same but these two 1 year apart were vastly different. Most of my early acquisitions were from relatives. I was probably a teenager before I purchased anything. I can remember where it was but the coin escapes me. You have brought back some good memories.


Level 5

My first "store bought" coin was a 1908 Barber Half to complete (at that time) a 2oth century type set.


Level 6

It seems many people received 1921 Morgans and 1922 Peace dollars as gifts.


Level 7

I'm sorry it was just so long ago I don't remember if it was a bag of wheats or a beginners set. To long ago. This one I have tried hard. Just can't get it. Thanks though. Mike

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

and just take a look where you are now a very far place from that worn cent purchase yet it is still a crystal clear purchase

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