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12 Mar 2019

Why not more popular?

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Had a great day downtown today. Best lunch of the year, so far, served by my favorite waiter. Of course, a stop at the coin shop was on the agenda.
I am continually puzzled as to why classic commems are not more popular. They are historical. Have great designs. All are different. I thought they'd take off when the Statehood quarters came out, but I was wrong. One of the more attractive commems caught my eye today.
The 1936 Columbia, SC, commemorative half dollar looks more like a medal than a legal tender coin. This particular coin was in MS-65, showing the design to best effect. The lettering was enclosed, like a special medal. All details were there. The palmetto tree screamed, South Carolina! A choice commem if ever there was one. A great companion piece to the SC Statehood quarter.
I enjoyed seeing this coin. I do wish this series was more popular, because there is so much to offer the collector.



Level 6

I love the old commem's! Beautiful classic designs. For me the Oregon Trail is my favorite!

You make an excellent point. Pairing state quarters with their comes sounds like an excellent idea. A great day if I had ever heard of one.


Level 3

Older commemoratives are really cool! although I don't have one of these, 1892 Columbus Expedition commemoratives are some of my favorites. I don't know why they are not more popular.


Level 4

The classic commems are so beautiful. There are definitely a few I would love to have in my collection.


Level 6

I agree with Pat. An excellent blog. I feel your love of or hobby. I agree completely with you. The classics are just that, classic. I love them. Nothing like a pleasing, to me, toned one. Thanks!


Level 4

Collect you passion, and share the passion foe coins you collect. Thank you.


Level 6

Maybe, there are so many modern commens it has an effect on the classics. I was at a coin shop a couple of weeks ago, and owner indicated that silver dollars out did everything else.


Level 5

I love all the history represented by the classic commems. The designs are spectacular and have a much different "feel" than modern designs. The benefit of a depressed market for classic commems is that it has allowed people like me an opportunity to collect them. The Columbia SC commem is one of the coins currently residing in my collection!


Level 7

That's a coin. That's a way to describe a coin. Look at the effect it had on you. That's collecting that's a blog. Not cut and paste from countries and coins we don't know. Thank you. I feel much better.Pat

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