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29 Jul 2021

Re: mistakes on dollar coins in 900 words

| Coinyoshi

There were a few mistakes on my two recent blog posts. Most of them were autocorrects, and two were that i was using an incorrect source that I omitted from my bibliography. I am sorry about any misinformation that I had put in both of those posts and will post more 450 words, (hopefully!) without any mistakes.
Thank you, Coinyoshi



Level 4

It didn’t like the words obverse, minted, and fifteen :)

I. R. Bama

Level 5

You sir are a man of honor! We all make mistakes and with grace we acknowledge and fix them. Way to go! I admire your character!


Level 6

Ya know, you can go back and edit your blogs. No need to write a repeat one. Just a hint.


Level 6

Ditto... Good comment Longstrider ; )


Level 5

No big deal. Keep on posting blogs. Always something new to learn. Thanks

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