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24 Apr 2020

The Unsung First Day Issues

Coins | DrDarryl

I defined a new type of historic numismatic specimens as the Unsung First Day Issues and are not readily known by the numismatic nor collector communities. My quick research (less than a week) was instigated by NGC's recent grading of a bag of 1964-D Kennedy half dollars. I agree with their assignment of a "First Day Issue" (FDI) designation. But now it leaves the door open for the Unsung First Day Issues.

02 Apr 2020

Department of Treasury Meritorious Service Award

Exonumia | DrDarryl

This is a Department of Treasury Meritorious Service Award designed by John Ray Sinnock (8th Chief Engraver of the US Mint and designer of the Roosevelt dime, Franklin half dollar, and numerous other U.S. Mint items) and Adam Pietz (designer of the Iowa Centennial half dollar and numerous other U.S. Mint items). Both of their hallmarks can bee seen on the obverse at the bottom left or right of the stairs.Based on the medal type (special government medal for U.S. government agencies). The Department of the Treasury first awarded these medals in 1949. As you can see from my research find, these medals are rarely awarded.

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