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13 Aug 2017

Profile of John F. Kennedy

Exonumia | DrDarryl

The profile of John F. Kennedy can be seen at the Iao Valley State Park on Maui, Hawaii.

The rock formation was made the obverse design of the 1977 Maui Coin Club medal. Medal is listed as 2M-308 in Hawaiian Money Standard Catalog 2nd Edition by Medcalf and Russell. The Maui Coin Club was went inactive in 1981.



Level 5

How in the world do you find these exciting coins and history?


Level 6

That's cool! Thanks for sharing this one!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

it was hard to make out but know i see it. very interesting


Level 6

I was going to write I can't see it. I looked again at the smaller photo and there it is. I think there is a physiological term for that. Beautiful rocks and coin. Thanks!!


Level 4

Awesome rock formation!


Level 5

I generally don't like colorized coins but I think this one might be better with some color.


Level 4

Maui deserves the attention on this Commemorative medal. Thank you for this info!


Level 6

Landmarks and coins can share a story together.


Level 7

I can make something out but in only wish there was a little more detail. Was the coin made like that?. To have an image of the President? That's for the picture. I will look again later. Maybe see more. Mike.


Level 6

I've never seen this. Fascinating. Another JFK collectible.

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