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31 Dec 2016

A Snapshot in My Numismatic Timeline: Drapped Bust Half Dollar

Coins | DrDarryl

The beauty of the Heraldic Eagle reverse design on the Drapped Bust half dollar (and affordability at the time) made me expand my collector interest. Back then I only specialized in Morgan dollars. I purchased this coin from Steve Ivy (now called Heritage Auctions) then sent it out to ANACS for certification. I eventually sold this coin to further support my college education (for my first degree). One of the things I did to protect my family was to document my coin collection. The ANACS certificate was easy to copy and I annotated my purchase information/comments on the copy. Recently, I located an old copy of my collection. Note the date of the ANACS cerificate. Four degrees later (AAS, BS, MS and PhD) and then some, I reminisce the beauty of this coin. I wonder who currently owns it. I paid a fraction of its current valuation ($2400) back in 1982.

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