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06 Mar 2022


| Eriknation

Hi guys! Awesome to be back. Haven’t been posting due to some personal issues. I will start posting again! Hopefully, something doesn’t get in the way of my blogging this time. A lot has happened since my last blog. Pretty recently I got to go to a person and bought off two 1921 XF-AU Morgans for $40+ a 1949 s key date rosie. I made sure everything was real. So I think it is kind of cool. I had to bargain a little but it was a very fun little experience. Anyway, Today I will be writing about GOLD! A very precious metal today! Maybe I will blog about other precious metals in my next blog.

Gold is a precious metal that is very beautiful and very appealing to the human eye. It can also be a fun and profitable investment if you invest right. Gold is also used to make things such as jewelry, coins. Bars, and other things. First of all I want to give some information about the prices. Current gold prices are very high due to inflation and other reasons. The current price is very high at $2000 and it looks like the price will continue to rise. The last time I blogged it was only around $1800 and last year it was $1700 so the gold prices are rising very much. You can try to invest but I’m not the greatest investor. I’d say to hold or buy.

Now I will be talking about why gold is used for so many things. 1. Gold has a very unique and beautiful color. In fact it even has its own color name. 2. It has a very appealing shine to it. So thats why lots of people admire this metal. This metal also pairs very well with gems or stones. Sometimes gold is used for jewelry on its own. Gold is also used for coins. It is also used for coins for some of the reasons I’ve listed. Gold has been used for some of the most beautiful and expensive coin designs. Including the famous “1933 St. Gauden’s Double Eagle” which sold last year for a whwoping $18.9 million dollars! Gold has also been used for the beautiful first spouse dollar coins and many other beautiful foreign designs.

Gold can also be in pirate/viking treasure. Even the vikings and pirates were so hooked to the metal gold. Sorry if my blog sounds kind of weird. I haven’t posted in a while so that may be why. I hope you learned something new (probably not) today. Have a AWESOME week tomorrow and I’ll see everyone soon. :)

-Eric The Coin Kid/ Eriknation



Level 5

The price of gold makes no sense. The world is getting worse for 90% of the people but gold keeps going up.


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Level 7

Its going up. But what goes up goes down. That's when you have to know when to sell!

Long Beard

Level 5

My advice on buying gold would be to start small. Meaning, buy a 10th ounce common date AGE for not much over melt or look to other countries with 1/15 ounce bullion coinage. Small adds up the same as the larger and usually a bit cheaper ounce for ounce when buying. Remember also that popularity pertains with gold coinage the same as all others. So chose wisely factoring in these things.


Level 6

Nice blog! I think the pirates and vikings had it right... Whats not to love about gold! haha ; )


Level 4

Thank you! @everyone

AC coin$

Level 6

Great statistics information . Nice to know about Gold standards . Nice to see you back . Keep blogging

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for the blog, it was perfectly fine. And to think in 1980 when I graduated from college, it was only 300.00 an ounce. Gold is one of the Noble metals of the periodic table. What is that about? Noble metals are metallic elements that show outstanding resistance to chemical attack even at high temperatures. They are well known for their catalytic properties and associated capacity to facilitate or control the rates of chemical reactions. In of themselves they are mostly non reactive and stable and they conduct electricity. I just love metallurgy, don't you? LOL


Level 6

Still below $2000 this morning but it is rising. Nice blog. Don't put yourself down. There is always something to be learned. If you are unhappy with your work try harder next time. It's nice to see you back again. Thanks.

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