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27 Feb 2021

I Have a Red Book

| Eriknation

Hey guys I just want to know that I just purchased the 74th edition of the red book last week. I just started reading it. Also I recommend it to other yn's because it has prices and a lot of history about the coin. I enjoyed reading it. You can earn a free 10 dollar off coupon and a free statehood quarters book.



Level 5

I agree, it is a great book that all coin collectors should consider buying!


Level 5

As it has been said, the collectors bible right there! Again, I hate to beat this dead horse, but consider merging blogs like this together? Maybe under the title of "Numismatic thoughts by Erik" or something. We are not here to tell you how to run the page, so I wont mention it again (: Catch you on the next one!


Level 5

The coin collectors bible.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Of all the books on coins you can get, we all need an encyclopedia of impeccable information and the Red Book fills the need very well. If I could only have one coin reference book, this is it.


Level 7

That's the book we all have . We all use it for information good pic up


Level 6

That will be the best book you have ever bought! ; )


Level 6

Good! It will be one of the best, if not the best book you will purchase. Now read. Good job.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Love the Red Book, it is indispensable regardless of your numismatic experience.


Level 5

I am in charge of our coin club Library for now. We have quite a few Red books from previous years. Along with a 2019 mega red book. Red books are a nice book to have, but there are plenty of resources available for coin collecting and pricing. Quite amazing how much information is out there on numismatics now. Could read for years and never read it all.


Level 4

Ok I’m sorry for clogging the blog up


Level 5

Nice! The Redbook is a very useful resource, as I have also found out. And I recommend that you take all of these short blogs, and put them all together into one big one, or going into more detail about the topic

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