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27 Feb 2021

Tip for coin rollers

| Eriknation

To help reduce COVID 19 try letting your coins sit in the sun for 1 or 2 days to kill the germs. Sunshine will also kill Covid19 as well. Credit to cent Searcher and Stumpy for not using alcohol and just letting it sit in sunshine.



Level 5

Never thought about this... haha, I live in Utah, and we have a massive coin shortage, so my banks wont even give me any! Cya 'round, EN!


Level 5

Wish there was more definitive data and evidence for all things Covid.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

On metals, Covid can only survive for about 4 hours. I would think you could set them out in the morning and get back to them in the afternoon if you are concerned about the virus.


Level 6

Interesting topic. Thanks for the information. ; )


Level 4

Thanks. Credit to Stumpy and cent searcher thou


Level 5

Great idea. Coins just sitting around near the window should clean themselves of germs. Good advice. Remember when they told us to let our mail sit in the garage for a day before opening. You can never be sure with germs. Nice post about safety !

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