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10 Apr 2020

Finally found some silver

| Hopeful Stacker

Today I had finally had some luck with some rolls of Kennedy half dollars. Here is the link to my video:https://youtu.be/xOdRlb9Jums

I’m starting to favor quarters though because they provide better finds in my opinion. Still waiting to find some coins to submit. Have a great weekend



Level 5

Should be even more silver to find soon as people are spending their JARS OF COINS to survive now.


Level 3


Long Beard

Level 5

Can never go wrong with silver. While I don't discourage submission, it's often better to weigh the cost of buying a coin and paying the fees (plus shipping) against buying one already graded. Especially with modern coinage as most sell at a fraction of doing so yourself. Keep in mind that works the other way if you ever sell in the future.


Level 4

I SUBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopeful Stacker

Level 2

Thank you I appreciate it.


Level 7

Yes there is silver out there. Now with the virus i dont know the turn around on boxes.. There using drive up windows in allot of banks. But if you get them lots of luck the fun is in the hunt.


Level 5

Awesome ! I need to get into roll hunting. I hunted cent and nickel rolls when i was young looking for and finding lots of wheats and war nickels. Roll hunting is so much fun. thanks


Level 6

Wow!! No way my bank can come up with a box a half dollars. I ounce got to go through 10 rolls as I was behind the guy that tuned them in. I looked through them at the bank. Yep, the guy had already gone through them. Will be watching the video today. Thanks. Wow! someone found silver in circulation.

Hopeful Stacker

Level 2

Try dimes sometimes dimes have silver. Not sure if you will it took me three boxes to find 2 Rosie dimes

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, can't wait to watch. Silver in circulation is becoming rarer and rarer. In my experience, a War Nickel was always a possibility but I haven't even seen one of those in years. /Just Saw the Vid, Nice!!!?

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