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23 Mar 2020

How are you all doing?

| JudeA

Just wanted to know how you all are doing. School is out for the rest of the year for me, so I am at home more. Still collecting 2009 DDRs. You should go check out my collections I updated!Collection #1https://www.money.org/my-ana/collections/view/1379Collection #2https://www.money.org/my-ana/collections/view/1381Let me know how you are all doing. Stay safe!

21 Mar 2020

US Money in WWII

| JudeA

World War 2 was the biggest war we have ever fought in history. With all that was happening, the US mint and BEP needed to make some changes to the way they made money. Some changes were for war effort, some were for security processions. I will be going over most of the changes that were made to money in World War 2 in this blog. Enjoy!

17 Mar 2020

Book Review - A Guide Book of United States Paper Money

Paper Money - United States | JudeA

This book is called, A Guide Book of United States Paper Money - 6th Edition. It was written by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg. The book focuses on all United States paper money, new and old. The book starts out by giving an introduction over the $2 bill, giving the history of this obscure bill. It then proceeds to tell how and where paper money is printed, and different ways to collect them. Then It gives information on the history of paper money in the United States, and things like star notes and the orange seal notes with "HAWAII" printed on them. The book then gives the approximate values on all US paper money, starting with the $1 bill and ascending in value up until the $100,000 note. The book gives a little part on collecting say $20 notes, before telling the values of the $20 notes. The book then gives the values of things like fractional currency, and error notes. This book is just like the Red Book, but for currency collectors. If you are beginning to collect currency, or if you are more experienced and need a value list, this is a great book. Overall, I am happy with this book and will continue to read and explore the world of US currency.

16 Mar 2020

Book Review - Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties The VAM Keys

Coins | JudeA

This book is called, Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties - The VAM Keys. It was written by Michael Fey and Jeff Oxman in 2009. This book focuses on the top 100 Morgan Dollar VAMs. It is a very informative book that explains everything great. It explains what exactly a VAM is, different ways to collect them, tools that you should have to collect them, and other helpful info. The book gives pictures and information on all of the Top 100 VAMs. The chapter has detailed die markers and tells exactly where to find the VAM. If you are a beginning VAM collector and want to know the ropes then this is a great book. The book is also good for advanced collectors who want a more in depth guide. The book is tiny and sturdy as well. It is a spiral bound book, so you can lay it open when searching for VAMs. Overall, this book is a real help for me and any serious or beginning VAM collector.

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