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01 Jan 2020


Coins | JudeA

Here is a list of what numismatic items I got for Christmas. I hope you enjoy and share with me what you got.
#1 3rd Edition of the Guide Book of Lincoln Cents
#2 Plugable Digital USB Microscope
#3 Digital Pocket Scale
Sorry this had to be short, and that I haven't blogged in along time. But I will be back to blogging regularly in a short time. See you soon! - JudeA



Level 2


I got a laser digital measuring tape from my wife, who also told me to "go buy your own coin,' which i have yet to find. Watch out, because Christmas gets harder as you get older.


Level 6

Great bunch of gifts. Very thoughtful. I, of course, scored a Peace Dollar VAM..Thanks Jude.


Level 5

Nice haul J/A!! That digital microscope is gonna find a lot of errors.

Mike B

Level 6

All good to have. The scale will come in handy detecting counterfeits. They may make a good copy but using metals to get the same weight is not easy.

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