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28 Nov 2019

Coin Searching - CONECA crossword results!

Coins | JudeA

I just went to my Grandma and Grandpa's house again yesterday. They had more rolls for us to search through. I went through 6 cent rolls. Their bank is always really good for finding Lincoln Bicentennials, I found 8 of them, one of every design. I also found one 1941 wheat cent. Now, in the November to December edition of the CONECA magazine. I filled out the crossword puzzle for YN's. I received an email today that I won! She is going to send me my prize next week. Tell me if any of you sent in answers to the crossword puzzle.
Also, have a Happy Thanksgiving!



Level 3

Did your grandparents also collect coins?

I also was able to complete the crossword and get my prize. I got my package 2 days ago and got some very nice items.


Level 4

Thats cool! I didn't know you were in CONECA and were a YN! What did you get?


Level 6

You have some nice grandparents.


Level 7

It's good to.see everyone is doing well. Keep it up. Believe it or not as in the X-Files. There out there.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Please let us know what CONECA sends you.


Level 4

I will, she said she would send the stuff next week since she is out of town.


Level 6

Your Grandparents are taking good care of you. That's great you won. I'm too, too old to send in answers but I do play. It is a nice magazine. I have stepped up my bids on error coins since I joined. Just won a nice "MS 63 1978-D Roosevelt Dime Curved Clip & Dbl Rim Clip" it Weighs 1.85 Gm.. instead of the 2.27 full weight. Let us know what you won. Thanks..

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