1942/1 Mercury Dime VF20 ANACS

24 Nov 2014

This is the second piece in my slabbed Mercury Dime/Winged Liberty Head collection. I loved this coin because of the unusual date strike. Also it has some toning, which is a favorite characteristic of mine.



Level 5

Great coin. A coin club member keeps putting one up for auction at our meetings. I was tempted.


Level 5

Nice pickup!


Level 5

Awesome coin!

Doug S.

Level 4

Love these. Nice!!!

Teacher Brian

Level 3

Cool coin, the Messenger God is an interesting obverse, and so is that holder - it looks very interesting, too, must also be old!

Amazing liberty wing cap dime. overdates and DD's are so cool

coin collector

Level 4

I have 2, looks great


Level 5

Nice error coin!


Level 6

That is a treasure, the overdate!


Level 7

Nice coin I have a 1941 with the same date mark. If it wasn't in a capital holder I would send you a picture. It's a nice coin.


Level 4

wow!!! I like mercury dimes!!!


Level 4

Nice coin. I recently got one, too. I am on the lookout for the 1942/1-D. That overdate and the 1916-D are the last missing coins for my Mercury Dime collection. I am trying to keep my cost down on these two and I'm in no real hurry.



Level 5

Being a murcury dime collector, I will need to get a 42/41. When I find a 1942 P or D I see if it is a 41/42 no luck yet.😞


Level 5

Great Coin!That's definitely worth several hundred dollars

Nice coin! That's a tough variety!


Level 4

That is amazing!


Level 4

THAT'S AWESOME!!! I wish I had a 42/1!

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