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11 Jul 2015

State Quarters Approaching Pluto!

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A Florida State Quarter and a Maryland State Quarter will be passing Pluto this week!

As you may know, the NASA New Horizons spacecraft which launched 9 years ago is arriving at Pluto on this week. It's the first probe sent to Pluto, which was a planet when New Horizons launched, but has since been demoted to a dwarf planet.

The two state quarters were put aboard the spacecraft before launch, Florida because that is where the spacecraft was launched and Maryland because that is where it was built.

Attached is a pic of the Florida State Quarter that is on the New Horizons spacecraft that is now very close to Pluto.

And if you want more information about these two quarters, here's an article about them. Very interesting to hear where the quarters came from, how they actually serve a purpose on the craft and are not just there for fun, and why they needed two of them... very cool!!!


And for more information, photos and videos of the New Horizons mission to Pluto, check out the link:


Michael Kittle




Level 6

Very cool! Thanks for the information!


Level 6

Glad I found this, as I am an amateur astronomer. Very cool!


Level 4

Thank you very much for the informative links.


Level 7

I think that's incredible. With all the technical know how they put our coinage into space. They did the same with a penny on mars I think. That's wonderful thank you I didn't know that.


Level 5

Awesome!!! also I didnt know why there was a Florida and Maryland quarter but now I do!


Level 4

Thank you for the information!


Level 5

Nice article. Thanks for sharing!

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