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16 Apr 2015

How far would you go to see a coin?

World's Fair of Money | LNCS

In 2003, I flew across the country to the World's Fair of Money since they were going to display the 4 known 1913 Liberty Head Nickels. When I got there, I was in for a surprise (the 4 were joined by the missing 5th coin)

Have you ever travelled just to see a specific coin or display? If so, how far did you have to go?

I have included an image of the case with all 5 as well as an image I took of the ANA example when I visited the museum last September.



Level 6

I have said, it's worth the trip to see a special display or collection. Among the wonderful coins/collections I've seen: the 5 1913 Liberty nickels, 10 1933 double eagles, a Mint display of double eagles including the 1849 & 1933, a 1927-D double eagle, proof half dollars of 1838-O an 1839-O, best known set of Seated Liberty dollars including 1870-S., 1792 issues. Treasures all!


Level 5

I drove to Atlanta from Nashville, TN for the national coin show to buy coins, but I also saw a 1792 half disme , 1913 liberty nickel, and an 1804 dollar, of course with many other coins!


Level 5

I do someday want to travel to the ANA Money Museum, and I'd like to go to the Summer Seminar while I was at it.


Level 2

I drove 8 hours round trip to go to Irvine for the Pogue Lot Viewing P1. It was a long drive for one day!

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