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14 Feb 2018


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   Today I would like to share a coin I was very lucky to find at this late date. It is a Canadian Gold 2013 Ruby Throated Hummingbird. This coin is a 25 cent denomination. It is ½ a gram of .9999 gold. Not a lot of gold but pretty pure. I should say it is 11 mm in diameter. This coin is part of the Canadian Wildlife Series, which I have a few. They may be small but every detail is present. The reverse was designed by Claudio D'Angelo. His depiction is of the hummingbird in full flight. That means 50 wing beats per second.

   The obverse is designed by Susanna Blunt. She has Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II facing right. The obverse is lettered "ELIZABETH II".


   The obverse says:




   Although small, I enjoy collecting these gold coins. I just wish our mint could make something similar! Thanks for looking. Please feel free to comment.






Level 6

Really enjoyed your blog and great photo's! This is the sweetest little coin! It's so tiny, yet lots of detail!


Level 7

Birds I like on coins. Looks great on this wonderful coin. Very smart pick up. Good for you. Thanks for the history and this beauty. I know you will enjoy it I I'd thanks. Mike.


Level 6

Thanks for posting this. I'm a bird lover & would love to have 1 of these. Hummingbirds are amazing.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thanks for sharing this beautiful piece


Level 6

Very interesting coin and series. Hummingbirds are great to watch.


Level 4

I like the idea of minting coins this size and composition in the United States. However, I think the denomination should be omitted and we should be trading based on the weight of real money (gold, silver, copper, brass) instead of payment by count.

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