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23 Sep 2018


Exonumia | Longstrider

I have heard from more than few fellow ANA members that they don’t feel anyone reads their blogs or even finishes reading them before some tiny comment. That may be true but not for everyone that blogs and reads blogs here. I my case I try to read and learn something from every ones blog. The other day I have proof it is working, at least for me.

   I found myself at my coin dealer and after paying my bill I was looking around the store. I spotted two items I had recently read blogs about. First I saw a baggie full of milk bottle caps for sale. Now on Sept. 3/2018 Jonas’s Coins wrote a nice blog on some of the “weird” things he collects. Milk bottle caps were one of them. There they were in my coin dealer’s cabinet.

   The second thing I spotted dealt with the blog written by Well Worn Copper on Sept. 16/2018 about wooden nickel flats. I never heard of the flats before but my dealer did. Right in his front counter was a nice example for sale. I have probably looked at both these items for months but didn’t really “see” them.

   After reading those two blogs my eyes were open to two new items I never noticed before. I learned something times two! Not bad for an old dude!!

  Thanks for your time everybody. Check out the photos and please leave a comment. Reading the blogs does work!





Level 4

Nice blog! For me personally, I feel happy whenever I log in and find that some people commented on my most recent post, especially when they include details that show that it has been read :) I appreciate your comments, as well as the comments from everyone else, on my blogs. It shows that I am not writing for nobody to see it, but rather, people are actually interested. I love looking at blogs and learning new things about numismatics that I did not previously know.

I think that blogging is beneficial to both parties. At the end of the day even if no one ever reads my blogs I feel better knowing that I just didn’t keep my knowledge too myself. As they say once something is on the internet it is their for ever so hopefully someone will enjoy it.


Level 6

I never knew about these areas of collecting either. That's what makes everyone's blogs so great...we all learn something new! Thanks Longstrider! Enjoyed reading your blog!


Level 6

I enjoyed this blog. There is always something new to learn & to collect. Everyone has their own interests.

I had not known about wooden flats before, and now I am trying to find older ones from around my area. I love getting up every morning and reading these blogs. And I have not known of a coin dealer selling bottle caps before, that is interesting. Before the ANA I had no idea what Exonumia was, and Mike 271 made excellent blogs showing what part of it looked like.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

There are some things I have seen and only knew about from reading blogs here, too.


Level 4

Excellent blog. I’ve learned a thing or two from these blogs myself in the last few weeks being active here. Regarding exonumia, my eyes were open to it when I was building my classic commem set. I have a few things, such as a leatherette three coin holder for an Arkansas PDS set, that might be good subjects for future blogs. There really is more than the coin to collect sometimes, that helps you enjoy the coin even more!


Level 7

Everything and anything is up for grabs today. I never got into these thing some of you know why. In was basically told to go to coins and I'm glad I did. However I miss out on others things. I still have all my dogs tags his ashes are in front of me. His tags an leetch are around my bear. But I know now there are different things out there. Thanks for the blog an the plug. I just like to read blogs and comments. Thanks for this one. Mike.


Level 6

Enjoyed the blog. It is nice to expand your knowledge and interests. I knew one collector that was into dog tags. There is even a club for those collectors. Nice looking flat! Maybe you can find milk tokens to match some of your caps.

Thanks for the mention! I'm still learning myself, and especially enjoy reading blogs from Mike 217 and Dr. Darryl. "Exonumia" is a wide and vast wilderness, and sometime's it's fun to color outside the lines of your typical straight-laced coin collection. As with science and the study of the universe - there's always something weird out there....

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