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13 Feb 2016


Coins-United States | Mike

Hi guy's. I received my latest Numismatic News in the mail. It's February 16 Vol,65. If you receive this go to page seven. There you will find an article written by Turned Jones. Turner is 14 year's old and has a plan. He collects coins and knows what he wants. He states he will never spend more than five hundred dollars on a coin. That might change as he gets older. However the passion this young man is remarkable. If we had more young men like this I know this hobby is safe. We have some here in the ANA who will be leading the way in the future. It was nice to read that there are young people out there spreading the word. The article is very inspirational. He has a deep love of coin's. Doesn't matter where he gets them from,and threats everyone of his coin's with respect. So if you receive the Numismatic News read the story. I promise you will enjoy it. Take care Mike.



Level 7

Thank you all. Just remember it's his story not mine. But this hobby need's everyone just like him.


Level 5

Great article. Could not agree with you more!


Level 4

I read turner's article and I would like to say that i'm 37 years old and feel just like our young collector friend turner when it comes to this great hobby of ours and I agree with mike that we need more young collectors like turner


Level 5

I am a young man coin collector,13, but I just wanna say dont forget the young women that help keep the hobby going too!

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