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16 Jan 2021

General Douglas MacArthur One Peso

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Kindly excuse the shortest of this blog. . Hi everyone. General MacArthur was we call an Army brat. From his grandfather to his dad. All heros. His dad received the Medal of Honor in the civil war. So did MacArthur. For his planning of the Philippines and getting them back from the Japanese. He was born in January 26,1880 at a base called Little Rock Barracks in Little Rock Arkansas he passed away on April 5th,1964. His father a Capitan was stationed there at the time of his birth. He traveled from base to base. His father's name was Arthur MacArthur.Jr.

His dad won his Medal of Honor for what he did at the Battle of Missionary Ridge. The family was mostly military. And MacArthur was no exception. . He entered West Point on 6,13,1899 he graduated in 1903.. He finished first in his class. He made the famous quote" The Best Luck Of All Is The Luck Of All Of Us The Luck You Make For Yourself. We are Not Retreating We Are Advancing In Other Directions. Old Soldiers Never Die They Just Fade Away".

Now to ask what did he do? . It's easier to ask what didn't he do. A five star General. When he was forced to leave the Philippines he said "I Shall Return. But before he left he dumped all the money into the Bay. This was so the Japanese could not use it to buy ammunition. And he did return. He invaded the Island of Leyte. This happened in October,30,1944. He made a broadcast to the people saying my friends I have returned.

Now the coin. I wrote a blog on this coin years ago. I can't even find it. The coin was made in San Francisco. The date is 1947. It's one Peso. Made of silver. It weighs 20g is 35.5mm and 2.5mm thick. Now to the good part. This coin was designed by one of our Great sculptures. Laura Gardin Fraser. Her initials are on the coin. I never noticed this till I took it out to look at. There is an arrow under his bust were the initials are. The date of the invasion is below that. There is an arrow pointing to that.. It says Defender and Liberator. Gen.Douglas MacArthur. The mintage was 100,000.

This is why I go over my coins. You should also. Sometimes you miss the small things.He came back to N.Y. And received a Hero's welcome. A ticket tape parade up the canyon of Hero's . Hundreds of thousands were there. It was 7 rows deep. And did this man and his family ever deserve it. To own a coin designed by Laura Gardin Fraser is an honor. You have to have heard of her Husband. If not take ten minutes to look it up!! I wish I could of added more but the hands say no. I hope you enjoyed this Readers Digest version of this man's life. The initials the arrow is in gray!!. P!ease enlarge the coin So you can see these dates that were missed. As a matter of fact I looked. No where did I find L.G.F. And no where is it mentioned. They are smaller than V.D.B. Thanks!!!




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That's really interesting


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Huh, dont know how I missed this blog. Well done, Mike! He most certainly DID deserve it too! Beautiful coin, congratulations on having acquired it, and even more for actually seeing the initials! haha. Hang in there!


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I always find it interesting that the US mint system has minted coins in other denominations, and for other countries before. That commemorative is very pretty! I like the minor toning on the edges as well. MacArthur is certainly a bit controversial on his later actions in Korea, but still, he deserved a welcome after his actions in WW2. Thanks for the blog! Sincerely, CoinsInHK


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I don't think this is a short blog... ; ) You always do a great job on your blogs Mike! Thanks for an interesting one on a great man!


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Very Nice! Thanks! I work overseas and a lot of our workforce are Philippinos. They still revere MacArthur and love the U.S., mostly because, he came back, as promised!


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Macarthur was a great general, not replicated by any general today. He just poked fun of Mao too long and look were it got him...


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Nice blog Mike. I have one of these as well but it's good to be reminded of the history.

Laura Had some amazing works, and even this beautiful coin doesn't top what she's done.


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Great blog, Mike! Great subject (Douglas MacArthur)+great designer (Laura Gardin Fraser)=great coin! As a country, we have been blessed to have had leaders like General MacArthur. Sadly, it is hard for me to think of anyone in leadership today in General MacArthur's class.


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Old Mac was a great Leader and Strategist, unfortunately, in Korea he either allowed his ego or advice from The Bataan Gang to lead to a intelligence failure that resulted in thousands of deaths unnecessarily. Still one of the greatest of all time. Nice blog & coin!

I. R. Bama

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Very nice coin and the story of a great man. Thanks for a very good blog!


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Interesting story, and nice coin! My entire collection almost fits in one big binder that I have, so any coin that I have I know of. Thanks for sharing!


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This may be a short blog but it sure isn't short on facts. Great job Mike. He was one amazing man. Beautiful coin. There are some beautiful Philippians coins. I love the US struck ones.. Thanks.

I keep my early Philippine commems side by side with my U.S. commems. When you think about it they are rich in U.S. history.


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Nice blog!

It's Mokie

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His final speech at West Point is one of the most magnificent feats of oratory in the history of the United States. If you have not heard the speech, you would greatly benefit hearing the final public words of one of our greatest Generals. It concludes with these remarkable words: "Today marks my final roll call with you, but I want you to know that when I cross the river my last conscious thoughts will be-of The Corps, and The Corps, and The Corps. I bid you farewell." Where are the Giants of Democracy today? No doubt looking down at us with disappointment.


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That is a nice commemorative coin to have in a collection. What a period of time in our history. Imagine all those people defending and dying for our country. I have never seen this coin before. I should read up on the wars. So much information to learn on the inside workings of the war and who did what. Thanks for a nice blog to get me thinking about our history.

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