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07 Sep 2020

George T. Morgan's 100 Dollor Union

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Now I could start this blog with the biography of G. T. Morgan. But most of us know that. I will write about a pattern coin called The George T. Morgan 100 Union. This was discovered by Mr. Jeff Garrett in 2006 when he was doing research in the Smithsonian Institute. While he was going through the papers and sketches he came across Mr. Morgan's sketches..
These sketches were turned over to Karen Lee. I have spoken about this book many times. It's the best I have read. It's known as "The Private Sketchbook Of George T. Morgan". Now one of the designs they found in the search was this coin. . It was meant for commerce to be made out of gold and weigh five ounces. It was clearly inspired both in concept and design by the U.S. Trade Dollar. They also struck this pattern in gold and platinum and silver for sale.

The date on the coin was 1876. Many believed this was made in honor of the U.S. 100 anniversary 1776. Now for some reason this design was rejected! So do not ask me why. Yes I can see the five ounce being rejected. Now the Smithsonian came up with a way they could share this beautiful coin. They teamed up with the New York Mint.and had one ounce coins made. These were slabed by N.G.C.. They were not expensive and I bought one. The reason is simple. It's beauty. It's simple and it's a coin I wanted in my collection.

Now the label reads. " George T. Morgan 100 Union Proposed Design 1876. Struck 2011 Private Issue One Ounce Pure Silver Gem Proof". Now this didn't have to be a long blog. The history is there the research is there. When you think about it this pattern coin was discovered in 2006. And struck in 2011. So there is not allot to look for. I would like to see a design like this in our coinage today. As what is another question. Thanks for reading stay safe..



Level 5

Im quite frankly blown away. That coin is so beautiful... Not quite so much as the Double Eagle design, but a very close second. Nice work! Cheers, NumisMaster

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I was just noticing how different that Eagle is than on any other coin on the reverse side. On the obverse you have Liberty wearing the Phrygian cap , but I'm not sure if that qualifies as a liberty pole. It's more like a caduceus...

Doug S.

Level 4

Thats just awesome Mike. Well done, Great research!! Love to have one of those!! Regards Doug


Level 7

I have to say this is one of the most beautiful coins. Simple classic and style. Done by a great man. We should find a place.. How about a 75 cent coin a little bit bigger than the Kennedy half. It can't hurt! Thank you all for your comments.


Level 6

This would make a beautiful coin! I'm all for more classic traditional looking coinage...we can only hope haha ;) Great blog Mike! Thanks for all your research.


Level 5

It is for beauty that I buy most of the coins and medals in my collection. This pattern certainly rates up there with the most beautiful coins ever struck. Oddly, I find myself liking pattern coins more than the actual coins minted. Too bad most patterns are too expensive to purchase.


Level 5

Again, you remind me of why knowing the history of a coin is so important. Seeing this coin makes me think "Wow, Beautiful", knowing the history and seeing the coin, I think "Wow, Beautiful, I want one". Thanks Mike.


Level 5

Thanks Mike. I had forgotten about these. Never did buy one but I might have to change that.


Level 6

Thanks Mike B, I had seen this coin on sale before but did not appreciate the history and its story of recovery from the Morgan archives. I think it is a beautiful design that further illustrates the utter lack of imagination in our modern coinage. To have such skilled engravers with today's technology, I can't imagine how much beauty they would produce. Thanks for sharing your pattern and it's fascinating story.


Level 6

That's a beautiful pattern. I agree that this would make a great coin today. Can you imagine a five ounce coin? Was it meant to circulate? Wow!! Thanks it sure has the reflective properties of a proof. Nice fingers you have in the reflection Sure makes it tough to photograph You did a nice job.


Level 6

Very attractive medal. Thanks for sharing.


Level 5

Would make a beautiful coin. Yours made in 2011 is fantastic . A great collectible ! Thanks for posting. I don't remember seeing one before. Now you have us all wanting one ourselves !

Maybe they should use it for our next quarters instead of crossing the Delaware. It would have been a massive coin, but it is certainly beautiful.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Yes, I saw that copy in Platinum, and mentioned it to you. I love the design and its beautiful. You are right, that should have made the grade but not in 5 oz of gold. I thought the platinum version was too pricy for my tastes, but I would live to pick up one in silver for my collection too.

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