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15 Aug 2022

Milk Spots On Silver Coins

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Hi everyone!. Hope all is well. Today I will write about a plague on silver coins. There called white spots or milk spots. The other day I took out my silver eagle complete set to look at. To my surprise I found three coins destroyed by these marks. The 1998, 1999,and the 2009. The Kangaroo coin below is a 2018!! And not mine!

Now I have had this set from beginning to end. Never had any problems till I looked at it I do that I enjoy looking at my coins like so many of you. This would drop the value of the set considerably. I was lucky to find them for a good price to replace them.

Why replace them? Because there is no way to get rid of these. I don't care what they say on the web it is impossible. You see there backed into the planchets. This process is called annealing. The coin after it is made is backed in a furnace at 1000 degrees to prevent the coin from becoming brittle.

What mints are having this problem all of them. The worst problem is the Royal Canadian Mint. The coin with the biggest problem the Maple Leaf. With us its the Eagle. Now they had a problem until 2017. After a five year study and testing they have solved the problem. Our problem is they will not share this with our mint. When the coin is struck that's it they become part of the coin.

To me that's just not right. We continue to use the same materials. This started in the 1950's when you mailed away for a proof set. The half dollar many times were covered with these. Now I read an article that said most eagles will show these marks in the coming years. He was right. To have Eagles for so long and show up now I'm afraid others will have the same problem.

My friend Long strider sent one in to NGC and it came back with milk spots. Yes they will turn in a slab . I don't believe NGC or PCGS will grade these. So its a total loss to the collector. There is no known way to stop this.

One person said on the web you can use an easier but it leaves scratches!.One site has ten ways to remove them. If this was so then the TPG would get rid of them. I hope none of your coins develop these marks. When I saw 2009 with milk spots I then realized it can still happen. This as I said has been going on since the 1950's its 2022. So from the 1950 to 2009 is about 59 years and it still goes on.

One other theory is the mint does not rinse the planchets good enough. But if the planchets come to the mint with the detergents in them there is nothing they can do. I wish I had an answer but my research says no. Its a hit or miss game. Some will get them some will not. This was my first experience with them. I hope none of you get these. And in leaving I say thanks to the RCM. You put forward a bad example to the hobby! That is my opinion. Good luck. And thanks for reading this. Mike

These coins are not mine there from the web. I had three eagles that's all!

UPDATE: Since I posted this I recently three messages from friends with recent coins with milk spots. I sent a email to the mint. Saying there quality control is back to the 1950's or there buying sub-par Planchets to save money. I would love to send one away and have them tested!

P.S. You can use those coin with milk spots for melt!! My coins were in slabs all these years!?



Level 5

Yeah, I have seen coins at coin shows with these milk spots. They are kind of like "flyspecks" on copper coins.

AC coin$

Level 6

Good coins, I have one with the kangaroo on it from 2021 with still limited to no data available due to being so recent.


Level 6

Good information

Long Beard

Level 5

Years ago, before internet coin buying, I purchased an NGC 1964 Kennedy half, Proof 65 sight unseen. It looked very similar and I sold it. Although I did make a small profit.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Seems like modern manufacturing techniques are causing the problem due to too much automation in the processes? I don't know either but TY Mike for bringing the issue to the forefront.


Level 6

Nice blog! I know whats up with the milk spots??? I also have had beautiful silver rounds and coins that this has happened to. Its really quite shocking when you first see it! Thanks Mike! ; )


Level 6

Dang, when you said a few coins have milk spots you weren't kidding. I don't think I have seen any this bad. Looks like the moon. Yeah, I had a Mexican medal turn spotty while it was at NGC. Thanks, glad you found replacement coins.


Level 7

These are not my coins. These are examples from the web. Mine were three eagles.


Level 4

Crazy to think that mints who know this is an issue doesn’t have corrected after all this time. Thanks for the information. Will have to keep an eye on my silver coins in the years to come. Glad you were able to replace the ones that ended up with milk spots, just a shame you had to do it.

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