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04 Feb 2020

Oliver Cromwell Death Medal .

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Hi every one. First I just tell you the pictures of the medal were taken of Heritage House site. I was waiting for delivery. So who was Oliver Cromwell? Many have heard his name. He was born April 25,1599 and died September 3,1658. Now the medal was done by J. Dossier in 1731 and is 38mm.He also did one in silver. Oliver Cromwell was the Lord Protector of England,Scotland and Ireland.
In the 1640's civil war broke out in England. Those loyal to the Monarchy Charles the Ist. The Royalists and parliament they were known as round heads.Cromwell was of course a round head.. He was ordered to lead most of The battles against those against the Monarchy.When the civil unrest was done Charles the 1st was imprisoned and of course in England if you were imprisoned you would be beheaded. This happened in 1649. By 1653 Parliamentary in fighting led Cromwell to take Head of State. He oversaw a military dictatorship. He had signed Charles the 1'st death warrant in 1649. Did anyone reading this know that England had a break in the Monarchy.? I did. Born in Ireland we learned allot about our history and Lord Cromwell was a big part of it. He was born in Huntington England. He always raised a devout Protestant and very anti catholic. The Irish was his deepest hatred. I will now give you a quote you will not read in any book but passed down though Irish histiry. "If I put an Irishman on a Spit I would get another to Turn it. That's a very deep hate.

In 1649 he was selected to take care of the Irish with us and he did. In 1650 it was Scotland. He killed four thousand and imprisoned ten thousand then he captured Edinburgh. At this time Charles the II took the throne. Cromwell proclaimed himself as Lord Protector of Ireland Scotland and England. With all that and Daughter Elizabeth dying at the age of 29. He was not well and died in September 3, 1658 he was buried at Westminster Abby. That is the reverse of the Medal. But Charles the II .had his body removed and put his head on a Spit for the public to see. Charles did this for the death of his father which Lord Cromwell had done.
At the present time his status stands before The Brutish Parliament.. Some of his body parts are in Sydney Australia in Sussex College.. The mask at the bottom is one of his death mask. The flag stood for the countries he ruled. And despite all his power the picture of the house is his. I'm glad I never met the man. There are books about this man. The net has just as much. If you when to learn hate this is the man. But I Don't blame him hate is taught it starts in the home and then school . Your not born hating someone. Thanks Mike

Don't forget to enlarge the photos.



Level 5

...And some of those people sailed to the new world and called Native Americans savage! It's always interesting to read about the brutality of many Europeans of that era. Thanks Mike for your many blogs detailing the history of the world permanently recorded on coins, tokens, and medals.


Level 6

That's another beautiful Medal Mike! Great history and photos! You always draw us in with your historical blogs. Thanks! ; )

Than you Mike for your knowledge for the YNs!


Level 5

Awesome post, and wonderful medal, Mike - Thank you for posting this, and for always being so willing to share your expertise with the rest of us! I love reading your posts about Conders and other incredible pieces of exonumia; more enjoyable than most of the books on these topics - you're the best! -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator

Cromwell is an interesting figure in history. He was adored for overthrowing the monarchy and even refused to be crowned king, yet soon after his death he was reviled and the monarchy restored. As a result of his brief revolution, most 1649 British Commonwealth coinage is considered rare and resemble the prices for our colonial coinage. I wouldn't want to have been alive during that time.....you had to be careful when choosing your loyalty because it could cost you your life.


Level 5

Another nice items in your collection. Good blog!


Level 6

Fascinating Mike, I never knew about the break in the monarchy line. I am with Longstrider, get that beauty out of that accursed PCGS Slab. It will look much better with the Michael Byrne Collection slab.


Level 6

Wow! That is just nasty. Sounds like the entire British or Brutish Empire had a problem with hatred. I totally agree with you in hatred being a learned behavior. After all that it is a very beautiful medal. One suggestion: Get that baby re-slabbed by NGC into your holder. Very good history lesson. I look forward to all your blogs Mike, quite a learning experience through tokens and medals as well as coins. Thanks.🐍


Level 5

Nice medal. Will have to look and see if i can find one at a show someday. Thanks for the history.

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