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25 Nov 2019

The 1938 D Buffalo Nickle

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Hi everyone. Did you ever buy a coin ,token ,or medal that caught your eye. I think we all have done that. Well I was walking past the post office many years ago. I was passing a jewelry store. It looked nice and to my surprise this store had a glass case with coins in it.. So I went in and started to look. One case that's all he had. And something did catch my eye. A 1938D Nickel. It has this beautiful gold tone on it. Now if you have read some of my blogs you know that I have been lucky in picking out the right coin.
What is The right coin. Well this was truly what many call the American coin. It's like buying stock. Does this have potential I thought so. So I asked the owner how much are you looking for that nickle. To my surprise he said seven dollars. I said it's a good looking coin then I said to myself shutup! I said I'll take it. I knew it would grade high. And it was the last in a series of wonderful coins..
So I purchased this wonderful coin and went home. I filled out a form for NGC and sent it away. Well I was lucky. It graded a MS 67. I said I can probably turn this over for a nice price. Now I don't sell my coins. But I wanted to get a price on what they were going for. Not even seventy five dollars. I couldn't figure out why so low the coin has everything going for it. Then I realized it was the last coin in the series. People were hoarding them. That has to be it. No that wasn't it. So I put it away and would check every so often.
Well i was watching a T.V. show this morning and that seven dollar coin has reached a price I couldn't believe. It was in the hundreds. I had seen it in a magazine last year and it has started to move. I was lucky again. I was right about the coin but it's time had not come. This set I believe is one of the best sets created by the United States. America's coin. Frasier*s design was beautiful. The set is still searched out today. If you were in Europe and found one you would know this coin was made in America.
Over the years when I see a jewelry store selling some coins I would go in. But be carful. They clean there coins like there diamonds. Some also make jewelry out of them . I once thought of selling this coin no more. Another lucky buy. You can find coins not only in a coin store but some stores that sell fine items. So keep your eyes open . Good coins are everywere. You will never know when you might get lucky. I hope you enjoyed this and always keep in mind that store sells coin! One more thing eBay has jewelry stores. I have seen many and yes they also sell coins. So I hope like me you all get lucky. Sometimes they don't know what they have. Sometimes they do. Lots of luck to all. And a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Enjoy your dinner and the leftovers for the week!!


very spectacular Buffalo! A "golden" find to be sure! Thanks for sharing

Good advice about buying from jewelry stores (cleaning stuff), but well worth looking. Coin looks beautiful. When you see a spectacular coin being offered at a ridiculously low price, sometimes the hardest (but best) thing to do is shut up and pull your wallet out. A great coin for a great collector.


Level 6

That's a beautiful Buffalo! One of my personal favorites! Thanks for a fun blog and sharing this great coin! ; )


Level 5

That is a nice looking coin. Can't beat Buffalo Nickels.

Just Mokie

Level 5

That is a beauty Mike, you do indeed have an excellent eye for the best coins. Thank You for sharing your excellent find with us.


Level 6

Beautiful find Mike. What great toning it has. Sending in a seven dollar coin for grading should help people that ask "is it worth it"? If you like the coin and want to protect it, it's worth it. It is not always about the value. Thanks Mike. She's a beaut!


Level 5

That is a very nice looking Buffalo Nickel. I have that same date and mintmark but in MS-66. With the introduction of the Jefferson nickel that same year these nickels were hoarded as you suggest. That combined with a decent mintage means that high-grade coins are plentiful, and thus appropriately priced. Yours is different in that the value from MS-66 to 67 more than doubles because at 67 this coin becomes a condition rarity. Congratulations are in order for finding a! raw nickel that is such a gem!

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